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Meditation Description:

This is a beautiful 27 minute guided meditation.  Cleanses the energy bodies, opens the heart and crown chakras and facilitates healing for you and your loved ones. This meditation enhances peace, joy and a wonderful sense of well being.

Vision Story from Billie Topa Tate:

Our Loving Kindness goal is to provide everyone in the world an opportunity to meditate!!! We receive telephone calls from people all over the world from South Africa, Argentina, Britain, New Zealand and everywhere in the United States. Our growing project is truly helping create a world filled with compassion.

Each and every person has reason to hope for peace and today we can create a sacred space for everyone and make a difference. It would be wonderful if everyone in the world would meditate to the Loving Kindness Meditation. We can do this with your loving help.
Click here to be part of the sharing meditation around the world! 

Step Into a Career of Teaching Meditation:

The Meditation Teacher Training Certification Course is open to the general public as well as advanced students of meditation. This certification enables an individual to successfully begin a wonderful journey of teaching meditation, especially in large group settings. The meditation platform has become more and more important in so many aspects of our communities from business environments to hospital settings. Through this 5 month training course, you will gain certification into teaching  all levels of Meditation.  To best serve your schedule, time and needs, this is a combination of home study and one on one training. Click here to learn more at Meditation Teacher Training’s curriculum, application, testimonials and so much more! 

Free Community Meditation:

Our Evanston, Illinois Wellness and Meditation Center offers a free group guided meditation for peace, mindfulness and relaxation every Friday at 6:30pm – 7:30pm.  We have been providing this free community event in the Chicago area for over 19 years.  You are welcome to drop in as no registration is required and all of the supplies are provided.  Click here to register for our Free Meditation on the Friday of your choice!

Classes Streamed Instantly Over The Internet: 

MSI Wellness Center online courses provide accessible, interactive learning in the areas of mindfulness, healing, meditation, & spiritual growth.  We are  dedicated to be of service to anyone who is seeking wellness, spiritual growth, mindfulness and training to build on current healing practices.  Click here to see the library of online classes available now! 

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