Simple Steps for “Energy Gifting” During the Holidays

Warm Greetings and Happy Holidays Wisdom Seekers,

I’d like to share some exciting ways to enhance empowering energy with everyone you love during the holidays, called “Energy Gifting“.

Here are some wonderful ways to give energy gifts that are so loving, thoughtful, powerful, cost effective and easy to do during the holidays. Your family and friends will truly be touched by this thoughtful and creative gift. ” Energy Gifting ” will also introduce a lot of people to a new way of understanding energy and start an excellent wave of tradition that can go even further than what I have recommended.

Simple Steps to Wonderful Energy Gift Giving 101…

All it takes is a little time and creativity to either design a holiday card or purchased a holiday card . The person who receives this will be very touched by your thoughtfulness.

1) Design a wonderful card that says to your loved one that you will take time to send wonderful thoughts and energy for a period of time – as a great Holiday gift for them.

2) In the holiday card place a small little card they can put in their wallet or purse to pull out every day to connect with you regarding the energy gift you’re going to give them.

3) When you make this little card for the wallet or purse – print it out so they can read it clearly and then personally sign it … example … Dear Dad, I will be sending you a big hug of happiness, peace, good health, joy and good fortune at 8am in the morning for the month of December.  Starting December 1st please keep this in your wallet and read it every day to connect with the wonderful thoughts I am sending you. Happy Holidays Dad with love (your name).

4) Make a small paper ornament or small piece of chocolate or even a $1 lotto ticket to go with your holiday card.

5) As an energy reminder for you – Place a copy of this little card either on your holiday tree with a bow or by your meditation chair. You can then send this wonderful energy to all your recipients in the morning.

6) If you like, you can provide a journal for your recipient so he or she can write down what they experienced and how they felt. This helps anchor and enhance the energy experience.

That’s it and what a great way to infuse the holiday spirit!

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