Tips To Change What We Notice

Wouldn’t it be interesting if we noticed good fortune more or noticed better opportunities for change.

The power of developing positive thinking is directly connected to the ability to remove, control or eliminate negative thoughts.

The Notice Factor is connected to a part of our mind which notices particular things and does not notice other things.   For example,  we might notice more stressful experiences and completely “not notice ” peaceful ways of handling stress.     A good example of  ” The Notice Factor ” is..  taking a magazine and asking several people to notice things in the magazine.   A hair stylist might notice all the hair cuts,  a lawyer might notice legal issues, an alcoholic will notice all the alcohol .. the magazine is the same but everyone notices different items and completely not see other items, depending their proclivities.

postive thinkingWhat are negative thoughts?

Thoughts of doubt, fear, worry, doom and gloom, focusing on what could go wrong is a clear sign of negative thinking.  When your mind is filled with negative thoughts you end up attracting more of what you don’t want.

Our thoughts have a direct impact on our immune system, adrenals, and life in general

Our thoughts, on a consistent basis actually create beliefs, coping styles, affect our general well being and guide us to react to the world in a productive or non productive way.     When negative thoughts occupy our mind, it does not allow us to have empowering experiences and actually set up a belief patter in our mind which guide us to more struggle or non struggle.

Notice our wisdom filled intuition instead of our fears.

Below is a preview of Billie Topa Tate teaching a class on the Notice Factor.  Exploring the energy worlds most wonderful secrets about helping our mind create positive  ” Notice Factor “.

The Notice Factor Class will be take place Sunday March 2nd 1pm – 3pm

Positive Thinking

Enjoy the free video below from Billie Topa Tate




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