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About the Sedona Retreat

A spiritual gathering to embrace and experience sacred places and timelessness. This magical place invites you to open your heart and walk the ancient paths of many ancestors. Gathering together as a group to journey to new destinations. Billie Topa Tate and other Native Elders will honor us with medicine walks, sacred drumming, native American herbology and Sweat Lodge. All in a magical place where ceremony and Native people still grace the land.  August 30 Saturday thru September 1 Monday 2014

Sedona RetreatWhat is an Affirmation

Spiritual affirmations are all part of a means through which an individual draws on the powers of the universe.

The intent is to help the individual change or shift his or her inner compass. By doing so, the ability to live healthy, happy and in peace can become a reality. Nevertheless, no matter what the type of affirmation, the source of change lies within.



Sedona Weekend Retreat Affirmation

Video Blog from Billie Topa Tate

Written Version

  1. I, ( place your name here)___________________ decree by the power of my good merits, I ask the universe to help me attend MSI’s Sedona Retreat 2014
  2. I will manifest the resources necessary for me to attend the MSI Sedona Retreat August 30th – thru September 1, 2014
  3. I will not increase or create any debt, and will be able to repay this debt within a 3 month time of incurring this debt
  4. I will have safe comfortable, timely, enjoyable travel from the time I leave for the trip until the time I return to my home including my travel in Sedona.
  5. I will have beautiful accommodations that are comfortable, cost effective, well maintained, roomy and conveniently close to the retreat site.
  6. My home, pets, family, business interests and job will be protected, kept healthy, Happy and Financially Successful. My family and work will be supportive of my attending our MSI Sedona 2014 Retreat.
  7. I will have more than enough money to spend on my retreat.
  8. I will enjoy good health – before, during and after our MSI Sedona retreat, I will be mindful of what is healthy for my mind body and spirit.
  9. I will utilize all my wisdom, discipline, inspiration, protection and assistance from my higher self and all my virtuous teachers in spirit to optimize my wonderful experience at our MSI Sedona Retreat. All this will manifest instantly and properly so be it now.

Sedona Retreat

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