Want to know how you can reduce violence and crime in any neighborhood?

Planetary Reiki is a ……

Specially designed form of Reiki that helps facilitate virtuous healing energy into our neighborhoods, regions of land, homes or offices.  This form of Reiki infuses the places with peaceful, virtuous empowering energy that assists in the transformation from negative to positive. The world truly needs our help to facilitate this wonderful healing energy into our neighborhoods, schools, government, hospitals and even our recovery centers.  Even if you do not have Reiki training, you can still learn the platform and send positive energetic words and images.  Register with a friend for good karma and help our Mother Earth and neighborhoods.

Learn how you can change voilence and crimePlanetary Reiki provides a great potential for drug free, violence free and low crime rate regions.  This is an open to the public class for anyone who wants to make a positive change in their neighborhoods, lives and in the world.

Learn how you can change violence and crime What is Planetary Reiki?

The use of positive universal energy from Reiki to dispel violence, crime or the misuse of land.  The use of these techniques can change areas which are filled with crime and countries which have difficulty with violence, illness, and sorrow. By using this form of Reiki you can help heal these places.

Here are some examples of where Planetary Reiki could be applied…

  • Loved one’s bedroom, home or place of living
  • School or rehabilitation center or hospitals
  • Large plot of land
  • States or Countries
  • Any place that mother earth needs a healing transformation

This is a wonderful opportunity to receive specialized training and certification from Billie Topa Tate – Founder of MSI Healing INC and Mescalero Apache to become a Planetary Reiki Practitioner.

Planetary Reiki Training July 10th Thursday at Infinity Foundation 7pm-9pm…
How you can reduct voilence and crime?


Below is the Table of Contents from the Student Manual…

The Story of the Planetary Reiki
The Planetary Reiki Procedure
Reiki Procedure and Invocation for cleansing our house or office to raise the vibration to sacred symbols of healing
Reiki Procedure Invocation for  neighborhood that needs virtuous mentors
Reiki Procedure Invocation where drug and violence in a neighborhood transpired
Reiki Procedure Invocation for a region which had non virtuous energy
Reiki Procedure Invocation for water regions where wars and non virtuous energy transpired
How the Native people would use healing energy to nourish an area
How the Native people would use healing energy to bless an area
How Sacred Spaces were created on Mother Earth
How to bless and clear a plot of land

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