Yoga and Meditation Equals Peace of Mind

Yoga and Meditation have been the topic of many articles but have you consider the story of a wonderful Apache family living the Yoga and Meditation connection. It all started many many moons ago Meditation and Yoga are so very important to our journey we call life. Both practices allow us to have that sacred time with ourselves which helps us to become aware of our strengths as well as our limitations and be guided by higher thought to become more and more wisdom filled and happy.

These qualities of wisdom and happiness are natural qualities which guide us to walk the world from a giving place. I remember when I was growing up, I was inspired by my mother and father as they walked this world with great reverence for nature and our native Apache principles. Mama Little Wolf and Papa Little Wolf ( my mother and father ) were like gentle giants, I was a small child feeling their love and respect for all animals, plants and nature.

As we walked across the desert heading out for the day, they would stop as the sun was rising to express a sacred intention, launch a sacred breath with the Creator and connect with their higher purpose for the day and for their lives.  My mother would say that we all have our personal energy and it is our goal to learn how to guide this personal energy to navigate our journey we call life and for us ( the Apache tradition ) especially during sun rise and sunset, the 2 times that we have quiet moments for guiding our day and evening.  My mother said that the Creator gifted us with many things, two of them being  Sunrise and Sunset, according to our stories, the Creator gifted these two times to provide us with a opportunity to view this beautiful moment and reset our breath, refresh our thoughts and connect with the Universe.   As a very young girl viewing this wonderful effort of intention I was inspired to use meditation and honor my self care of what  people would call yoga to facilitate a wonderful flow of energy and balance.  

My father Papa Little Wolf would show me how nature would demonstrate this practice to maintain good health and what we call ” Sacred Balance”   the balance of breath, meditation, exercise and our daily work.    Papa Little Wolf would show me how the animal kingdom would do their daily activities and also maintain balance by using breath and stretching ( yoga ) to achieve optimal energy flow through out the body mind and spirit.    I often see this when we do yoga postures for example  – spinal energy flowing postures and heart opening positions.    My teacher conveyed to me many years ago, the more light that is administered within the body, the faster the body can facilitate wonderful energy flow and thus healing our thoughts, feelings and vitality. Light means creating energy space through movement, breath and quieting the mind through meditation.    Mama Little Wolf and Papa Little Wolf truly showed me that we live with many kingdoms on this wonderful earth we call home.   All of these kingdoms have their gifts to help us during our meditation and yoga practices.   The plant kingdom with essential qualities of medicine, the animal kingdom with their beautiful energy of living among their own beautiful families and so much more.

The sacred balance of meditation and yoga especially in group meditation and group yoga can help everyone experience the universal connection of a great sense of healing and is magnified by group efforts of meditation and yoga.

The inner wisdom of meditation and yoga  practice helps us gain energy, vitality, deeper insights and tap into a much deeper understanding of this wonderful journey we call life.   

As I grew older – I asked Mama Little Wolf and Papa Little Wolf what guided them the most during their sunrise and sunset ceremonies.    Their answer developed my journey of teaching and sharing wisdom which provides rare glimpses of the inner universe and powerful meditation.My signature statement through all of my meditations I have developed throughout the years is forever a statement of that mystical moment when we all can understand our efforts, our questions, our journey.    Here is the statement that is used within all my meditations and stems from the wonderful teachings of our Apache tradition.    ” All that I am, All that I was, All that I have done, All that has been done to me, has brought me to this very sacred moment in time.”  And so it is with our meditation and yoga practice we are growing and awakening and discovering more and more about ourselves.   And to be brave to share our light and practice with others, especially with our families and all who need to be inspired to share their unique qualities on Mother Earth.  This was to be the auspicious launching of my yoga and meditation practice and helped me with my great purpose.   I trust this Apache family story inspires you to enjoy your yoga and meditation practice and I look forward to hearing your wonderful stories.

Billie Topa Tate is a traditional Native American healer and teacher of Mescalero Apache descent, trained and educated by numerous family Elders and extended family members. She is a Reiki Master Teacher Eighth Degree and licensed Therapeutic Massage Therapist. Billie is an approved provider of continuing education and meditation programs for: Meditation Teachers, Massage Therapists and Illinois Nurses. Billie Topa Tate has written and lectured extensively for more than 18 years. She is internationally recognized as a respected teacher, healer and advocate of Earth Friendly endeavors. Billie maintains a successful practice at her MSI center in Evanston, and with the expressed permission from her Native culture, Billie shares many of the ancestral principles, healing systems and native wisdoms with her students and clients.

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