Blue Moon Ceremony

Saturday September 1, 2012 – Saturday September 1, 2012

2153 Ashland

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The Blue Moon phenomenon of August 31st is a very special blue moon. Providing a beautiful window of time for  taping into the Great Mystery

When we place our attention and intention during this special time we get a full boost of energy

Our Native Ceremony with our Medicine Wheel and divine drumming allows all our participants a profound opportunity for connecting with creation energy that can bring healing energy, or manifest assistance for any and all aspects of our lives and our families.

The universe provides this window of time when we need it most.  Especially with all the financial stress, global injustices and government turmoil occurring all over the world.  This is a perfect time to provide healing and intervention.

Come and help facilitate a wonderful healing energy for our families and the world.  Please pre register to let us know you are coming.

Da Go Tey ( apache ” all good things to you ” )