Crystal Bowl Meditation Provides Healing

Healing and Meditation with Crystal Bowls


Here are some facts about crystal bowls:

  • They help with insomnia, lowered pulse and heart rate, the effects of pain for relaxation, stress reduction.
  • Many people use different crystal bowls relating to the note of a particular chakra.
  • Sound meditation using crystal bowls can help enter into the meditative state more easily and stay in the meditative state being supported with the use of sound and the angelic tones of crystal bowls and voice.
  • Crystal bowls can help support healing on all levels and for all ages. It releases blockages and helps purify your space.
  • Crystal bowls are made from highly purified quartz powder which is fused together at high temperature. They are used to grow large single quartz crystals under highly controlled, clean conditions to make silicon chips and also for use in high temperature chemical processes where other containers would not stand the temperature.

crystal bowls

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