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A message from Billie Topa Tate – Mescalero Apache | Founder MSI Healing INC

Dear One, Words can not express my deepest gratitude for you in my life.   Each one of us helps each other to enhance the world with kindness and wisdom.   My hope is that we continue to ” Create a Sacred Space One Person at a Time” and wouldn’t it be wonderful if everyone in the world would help each other in some small compassionate way.   Imagine a world where everyone practiced meditation and strived to be in gratitude.   I want to personally thank you for supporting our efforts to share Native principles, meditation practices, and wisdom filled teachings.   Thank you for your help and support.    Many Blessings – Billie Topa Tate


Create a Sacred Intention Every Day

Creating a Sacred Intention in the morning is a wonderful Native Tradition to bring into our world wonderful categories of energies.

Remember most thoughts are below the level of awareness and it is always important to invoke in the morning to become aware of our thoughts.  Also, Karma equates to “always wanting more of what won’t get us anywhere in the first place”.


Here are some gifts from the mind when we use “Sacred Intention” in the morning before we start our day.


  • Have others around you who believe in you, who teach you to be a better person.  It is always wonderful to have people around us to inspire us to be better people and to gift us insight that will help us resolve something within our lives.


  • Choose well, choose wisely, it is not so much our educational credentials that make our lives, but rather our choices that create our lives.  Make your choices wisely, not with emotional judgment but with wisdom, this includes wellness of your body, mind and spirit and others you may care for.


  • Live life in a way that will help others grow.   Be better in wisdom filled ways, this will help you to grow and learn the principles of balance to “Learning, Teaching and Servicing.”   Helping others may also include you displaying healthy behaviors, words, actions, feelings and thoughts.


  • Believe in yourself.    Be your own valuable and empowering coach and allow that part of you to guide your mind to remember that you add great value to the world and are here to heal yourself and “what calls to you” within your heart in wisdom filled ways, that is loving to you as well as others.


  • Release the past in order to secure the wisdom of the past,  you must let go in order to heal and assess the past with wisdom and empowering insights.


  • See the good in each day,  because virtues need to be seen to make an impact.   When we see the good in each day, we can access the good within us, which facilitates the principles of virtues that can transform us and others.


  • Make life precious now,  because when we are on the other side and look down on our lives, we may say that we could have done that just a little bit better or more joyfully.    Make life precious now so each day of our lives is cherished and we experience more joy, peace and love in our lives now.


  • Truly love what you are doing.    During our lives we work through our own limitations and move toward what we really would like to do.   Have patience with the process and keep working toward doing something you love that will serve the world and also nourish you.   Also, the key element is to secure a balance even within your life’s calling.   So do invoke each day to do what you love but also do what you love with balance and wisdom here and now and from this day forward.


setting your intention for the dayHere is a short “ Sacred Intention” that you can use before you start your day.

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By the power of my good merits,  I invoke for my virtuous higher self and all the wonderful beings who assist me in good and virtuous ways for the following

 That I have others around me that believe in me and help me to become a better person in virtuous and empowering ways.   That I choose wisely and compassionately for myself and others I may care for.

That I truly see the good in each day, therefore, see the good in me and facilitates virtues that impact others in good ways.   That I see life as precious now for myself and all other sentient beings.  That I truly love what I do and strive to perfect this love in all good ways.   That I release the past for healing, wholeness and forgiveness for others and myself.   That I believe in myself and see that I add great value to the world.   In full faith, so be it now, thank you.


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Billie Topa Tate’

Billie Topa Tate

Native American Healer, Reiki Master Teacher

Billie Topa Tate’ is the founder of MSI (Mystical Sciences Institute) an earth friendly educational institute located in Evanston, Illinois. Billie is Mescalero Apache and is dedicated to presenting the sacred principles, doctrines, and teachings of her Native Culture and many ancient wisdom systems from around the world, creating synthesis through harmony of many lineages.

Billie is a traditional Native American healer and teacher of Mescalero Apache descent, trained and educated by numerous family Elders and extended family members. She is a Reiki Master Teacher Eighth Degree and licensed therapeutic massage therapist. Billie is an approved provider of continuing education programs for Massage Therapists and Illinois Nurses. Has written and lecturer extensively for more than 10 years. She is internationally recognized as a wonderful teacher, healer and advocate of Earth Friendly endeavors. Billie maintains a successful practice at her MSI center in Evanston, and with the expressed permission from her Native culture Billie shares many of the ancestral principles, healing systems and native wisdoms with her students and clients.

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