6 Easy Steps To Clear Negative Energy

The creation story by Billie Topa Tate…

Many years ago, during a morning meditation, it came it me that many areas, homes, offices, and other living spaces are exposed to many different energies.   Some of these energies are restrictive, stagnate, negative,  and contain many other congestive energies.   Also,  our homes should be a sacred place to rejuvenate and refresh ourselves.

The Etheric Enhancement Chantram:

space clearing recordingEtheric Enhancement Chantram is a cosmic liquid jewel, transmuting and transforming negative emotions and thought forms through powerful angelic permeations’ of all particles of being. Use the Etheric Enhancement Chantram to create a sanctuary environment in your home, conducive to relaxation, peace and harmony between your and your loved ones. If you are a healing arts practitioner or giving care to loved one in the hospital, play the chantram to clean and transform the energy in the room and building. Set it to repeat softly in the background and in a very short time everyone in area will feel the difference.Take a copy to the office and play it daily to transform and transmute tension and stress that builds up in the workplace over time. You may find people naturally gravitating to your office space, because it feels so good!

Why did we use Arch Angels in the recording?

The names of the Arch Angels carry a beautiful vibration of healing, wholeness and angelic qualities which helps transform any area into these qualities.

How It Works | 6 Easy Steps To Apply The Benefits:

The vibration of the Arch Angels names have a beautiful vibration of healing, wholeness and angelic qualities.  We use it in our office at the end of the day to clear the energy and start fresh in the morning.  When we walk into the office in the morning it feels fresh and up-lifting.

  1. Use the chantram in your house daily while everyone is gone so when you return the house feels clear and up lifting.
  2. Use the chantram your office at a very low volume so no one will hear it.  However, even though no one can hear it – it is actually clearing and empowering your office.   Perfect for personal office space, especially if there are intense energies in the office.
  3. Use the chantram in your car, boat, or any transportation vehicle to clear the area of stagnation or intense emotional energy from people or situations.
  4. Use the chantram to clear and balance your energy field by listening to the Etheric Enhancement recording for a few minutes.
  5. While your teenagers are at school, play this recording in their room and then turn it off before they come home so they can feel up-lifted and empowered in their rooms.
  6. After cleaning house, play the Etheric Enhancement recording for approximately an hour to further cleanse the house energetically.

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