Creating a Sacred Space

As the heavens open up to a new energy of resolution and developing new healthy skills, we launch a wonderful goodbye to our recent mercury retrograde.

Yes, with all it’s lessons and surprises we can truly grow and mature into our wisdom filled journey, we call life.  I have personally found new and profound insights from this retrograde.  With new constituents, resources, healing energies and courage to pursue and develop MSI is such profound and empowering ways.

The certainty of  Meditation and focusing on opening our minds to the great knowing that the universe and the Creator will definitely provide interesting challenges, however, these opportunities can give us our most loving gifts of wisdom, healing and of joyful insights.  We will see through the fog and realize the gifts we have to offer and also find friends who will support our healthy body mind and spirit and even help us to share our gifts and great purpose to the world.

This retrograde was about seeing the value of our values and to pursue the extension of those values through people, places, and even new inventions or discoveries we develop and  give to the world.  All done in a wisdom filled way and a loving way for ourselves and others

We celebrate with you and would love to hear about what you have experienced, learned and plan to gift to the world.   We look forward to hearing from you – many many blessings namaste !!!

– Morning Meditation Message from Billie Topa Tate.  Learn more about her classes, private appointments and services please contact the MSI Wellness Center 847-866-0505.

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