4 Steps to Connecting to the Energy of Angels

The angels love to help and all we have to do is ask. Angelic invitation starts with a simple setting of intention.  Opening your heart to angelic love, you will gain access to your inner wisdom answering your deepest questions.

Connecting with angelsSimple 4 Step Process To Connecting To Angels:  

Step 1: Offer a prayer of invitation.
1. Angel Ariel, please work with me so I may receive your gift of healing.
2. Please guide, direct, surround and protect me.
3. Let me receive energy and information for my highest good and highest healing.
Each angel has a specific prayer which will be do in class.

Step 2: Establish an Angelic Heartlink.
A Heartlink is a golden cord of light that flows from your heart to the heart of the chosen angel.
1. Awareness. Bring your awareness to your heart center.
2. Gratitude. In a way that is right and perfect for you, offer a prayer of gratitude to Great Spirit and your chosen angel.
3. Heartlink. Project a golden cord, called a heartlink, from your heart up through your throat, third eye and crown chakras up into the highest angelic realm, w the intent of connecting to the heart of this angel.
4. Send energy. Start the flow of energy thru the Heartlink by sending love and gratitude for this healing moment.
5. Receive energy. This is the best part! Opening your heart to take in all the love this healing angel is sending you. The angels love will be 10 times stronger then the love you sent.

Step 3: Experience the angels presence.
Once you are connected w the angels energy, simply sit quietly and experience the angels presence. Notice any and all sensations in your body and notice what you see with your inner vision and what you hear with your inner voice.

Step 4: Practice Discernment
The angels energy will always be gentle and loving. If for any reason you are not feeling this love you can simply say stop and the Heartlink will disconnect. You can rest assured that the angels messages are always positive, constructive, trustworthy and loving.

Join our group for a direct experience with your divine self. Deepest Namaste.

Healing angels of the energy field is a 5 week meditation journey w the angels. Each week we open our hearts and minds to the love and wisdom of these powerful yet gentle Divine beings with a simple Heartlink.

The angels love us completely and want to help us w every aspect of our lives. No challenge or worry is too big or too trivial in the eyes of Spirit. The angels act as a bridge from heaven to earth and are here to serve, bringing peace and blessings.

Take time for yourself to breathe, relax and connect w your angels in this safe and enjoyable setting. Meditation with the angels is a great self care tool to find your inner calm.

The many benefits of this course are:

  • Joining a community of like hearted friends and meditating w the angels.
  • Receiving energy and information for your highest good and highest healing.
    Connecting with your soul and your awakening to your divine life purpose.
  • Opening to heal on all levels. PEMSE. Physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually and etherically.
  • Relaxing and letting go of stress as your heart opens to the love and wisdom of the angels

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About the Instructor:

Jill KempnerJill Kempner has been in the healing field for 15 years. She works as a massage therapist and yoga teacher integrating the love and wisdom of Reiki and the angels into all her healing sessions and classes. Jill loves working as an IET Master Instructor and connecting with the angelic realm because their offerings of love and compassion is the true healing power.



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