Creating a Beautiful Aura During Your Meditation Practice

The Human Aura is a colorful energetic field that emanates from the body and extends several feet out from the physical body.  The Human Aura, also known as the human energy field is filled with an abundance of information from the past, present and future.  We, as people often respond to what is in our energy field whether we are just walking down the street or making direct conversations with people.

How to create a positive energy field around yourself:

Have you ever gone to the store and when you are at the cash register, the person at the cash register starts talking to someone else and ignores you slightly?  If so, try this experiment and visualization.  As you stand in line, imagine your energy field get brighter and brighter and place the following words in your energy field: “I am a valuable person and everyone wants to help me”.  Do this for a few seconds and see what happens.  The typical response to the adjustment of your aura and the words within your aura is that the person at the cash register will become more attentive and responsive to you.

Everything in our aura/energy field emanates information about us and also helps us navigate through our journey we call life.  Many things infuse our aura, such as, our past lives, our beliefs, our self talk, our principles, our words, our memories, our concepts, the sun energy, the energy around us and even our food.

There is a secret ingredient that also can infuse our aura:

We are always surrounded by energy coming from everything, including plants, man-made materials, animals, angels and other human beings. The more we develop our awareness and maturity the more we can develop our aura/energy field.

The Power of Words

Using Empowering Words within our Aura:

  • Start with a wonderful morning meditation
  • After meditation, close your eyes and visualize your physical body
  • Next, visualize that you are in the middle of a bright ball of light and the rays of the ball of light are extending outward from our body
  • Next visualize Special Empowering words with the Auric Field; Happiness, Beauty, Joy, High Self Esteem

The Power of Future Images

Using Empowering Images within our Aura:

  • Using future images of what you want in the future and placing them in your aura, like gems shining brightly
  • Use your smart phone to remind you to imagine your aura (target for 2pm to remind you daily )
  • Take a nice photograph of yourself and then place your selected empowering words, and even images of what you would like within your aura.
  • Keep this picture with you and view this picture on a daily basis

The Beautiful aura techniques can be done by placing high vibration words, images, emotions and other techniques within our energy field, which will not only enhance our energy field but also allow us to experience empowering events, people and angels within our life’s journey.

The aforementioned Beautiful Aura Techniques can be done singularly or grouped together.  Use these tips daily and you will surprisingly find exceptional outcomes.


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