Don’t get mad – get focused. Intention for Peace by Billie Topa Tate

Don’t get mad – get focused. Let’s clean up the harmful energy that has affected our cities.

Dearest Wisdom Keepers,

As a native person, I have my clairvoyance, which tells me the violence and burglaries throughout the country and currently happening in Chicago are orchestrated efforts. By that, I mean someone is paying and or inspiring these looters and organized hate groups to bombard the city to weaken the city and its people.  Right before the election so it appears to be driven by power and greed coming from people who would like to weaken our cities and states.

However, we know what to do with bad energy. Let us all team up and read the following intention daily to clean up the energy and bring peace and light everywhere.

Please read this at least two times every day so we can energetically clean up the area. 

By the power of my good merits, I invoke for our powerful teachers in spirit, our holy medicine people, the angels of divine light, angels of transforming ignorance to virtuous wisdom, and all the powerful virtuous helpers who assist us in virtuous ways. Also, the powerful energy medics to pick up non virtuous and mental illness energies from all energy levels that affect everyone on the earth and also, my Native divine helpers and all the virtuous beings who assist me in virtuous wisdom filled ways. I invoke for your intervention, transforming energy, healing medicine and virtuous resolution energy to the following situation.

The situation is that gun violence, robberies, hate energy has been directed toward Chicago and the state of Illinois and other states with our country. Halt at all levels  this non-virtuous violence, mental illness violence permanently at all levels immediately . Go after all the people and energies involved in these robberies, violence and hate energies.  Pick them up and all energies involved and their source and origins and take them to receive medical care in the entities world totally transforming all harmful energies to divine peace permanently and fill the void from which they were removed with divine and virtuous peace and virtuous wisdom permanently here and now and from this day forward. Physically, emotionally and at all other energy levels permanently. Also assign safeguarding angels and divine helpers at all energy levels to secure virtuous peace at all levels here and now and from this day forward.

In addition, secure that all origins of the violence, robberies and hate energy that have happened and are still pending in the state of Illinois and all other parts of the United States be revealed and brought to justice and put to a halt –  here and now and from this day forward – physically, emotionally and at all other levels. In full faith so be it now. Thank you.

All Good Things to You,

Wakan Tankan Nici Un
May The Great Spirit Walk With You

Billie Topa Tate– Founder
Mescalero Apache 847.866.0505

Billie Topa Tate is a traditional Native American healer and teacher of Mescalero Apache descent, trained and educated by numerous family Elders and extended family members. She is a Reiki Master Teacher Eighth Degree and licensed Therapeutic Massage Therapist. Billie is an approved provider of continuing education and meditation programs for; Meditation Teachers, Massage Therapists and Illinois Nurses. Billie Topa Tate has written and lectured extensively for more than 18 years. She is internationally recognized as a respected teacher, healer and advocate of Earth Friendly endeavors. Billie maintains a successful practice at her MSI center in Evanston, and with the expressed permission from her Native culture, Billie shares many of the ancestral principles, healing systems and native wisdom’s with her students and clients.

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