How to Have a Magical and Mystical Holiday Season…

We at MSI Wellness Center wish you and yours a very mystical and magical holiday.    We know that sometimes the holidays can be stressful, but to the mystic, it can be a time of filling our energy with happiness, peace, sharing and surrounding ourselves with great opportunities and empowering people.

Here are some wonderful recommendations for the busy Mystic to truly enjoy the Holidays…

Are You Ready ? Here We Go…

  • Say yes to healthy fun
  • Create a new healthy tradition and share it with family and friends
  • Sing when you are at home cooking for yourself or sing and cook for someone else – it’s good karma
  • Fill your schedule with lots of self care and invite friends to join you or surround yourself with people who inspire you to be your better self
  • Give a gift to someone who you might have not given to..  Like your doctor or your mail person
  • Make something to give like healing soaps or organic essential oil salves -people will truly enjoy your thoughtfulness
  • Rest and read some inspiring books
  • Plan some mystical classes for the new year to empower your future
  • Support local artisans and take some friends to stage productions that are uplifting
  • Do some wonderful meditations and dedicate your practice to loved ones
  • Bring a delicious healthy meal to a family or friends gathering with a note on how to create the dish
  • Use expansive breaths … like your just received some great news to launch good fortune on your path
  • Express gratis better known as gratitude

Many blessings to your always from our family to yours.  Namaste

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