Mystical Meaning Behind Meteor Showers

The Universes Mystical Action and What This Means

The Mescalero Apache belief is that our ancestors and divine helpers on the other side are right next to us in the energy world and when it rains the window is open even more – allowing us to be guided by their wisdom in deeper ways.   Here is some wonderful mystical information not written in any books but she heard in oral tradition.

You can use this wonderful information to really develop a deeper understanding of your great journey.   Meditating during meteor showers brings deeper insights into your life.  We recommend the meditation called the “gift of inner light” which you can purchase on our by clicking here!

A meteor shower is the universes way of redistributing minerals throughout the universe, to help harmonize the earth, empower the earth and provide a potential for a shift of consciousness.     We are made of the minerals of the stars and by infusing the earth with other minerals from other galaxies , we thus have a potential to evolve, mature and become more self aware.   It is said meteors are touched by the finger of the Creator, just like thunder and lightening.   Thus, it has vitality of  the Creators power.   Therefore, during times of meteor showers it would be important to do meditation, sweat lodge, vision quest  and then wisdom filled service work ( whether this positive service work is energetic or physical )   this allows the universe an opportunity to facilitate more enlightenment through these stones upon the earth.

The ancient Greeks believed that finding a meteorite would bring the owner a year’s worth of good luck and a wish,  and it is from them that we have ultimately inherited the idea of wishing upon a star. Our Native American Elders and Medicine Women and Men have been known to wear them as protective amulets, passing them down through generation after generation of shamans as symbols of their connection with the Creators insights, wisdom, and  power. Temples throughout the ancient Mediterranean were in possession of meteorites, likewise holding them as sacred objects. Even in the modern world, a meteorite is one of the most venerated objects in contemporary monotheistic religious practices.

The following meditation recommendations can be found by clicking here, profound meditations during our Meteor showers.

Dates Heavenly  Activity Mystical  Steps  to Take
Jan 2nd Quadrantids Meteor Shower Jyoti  Meditation CD or MP3 download


This may be visual on Jan 1-5

April 21st Lyrids

Meteor Shower

Om Ah Hum Meditation CD  or MP3 download



The Lyrids are a strong meteor shower lasting from april 16th to april 26th ea year

May 6th Aquariids Meteor Shower Gayatri Mantra CD  or MP3 download



Aquariids meteor shower usually produce about 10 meteors per hour,  the highest intensity usually take place on 5 and 6th of May

August 13th Perseids Meteor Shower Seven Sacred Word Meditation  CD or MP3 download


Often enjoyed by summer campers and can be seen in open skies

October 8th Draconids Meteor Shower Timelessness Meditation CD or MP3 download


The draconids are a meteor shower whose parent body is the periodic comet 21location.

October 20 Orionids Meteor Shower Etheric Enhancement  CD Meditation or MP3 download


Associated w Hailey comet appear to come from  the constellations of Orion


Heavenly Activity Mystical Meaning Billie Topa Tate’s Recommendations
A light rain is
  • a blessing rain
·   meditation – Jyoti
A heavy rain is
  • a cleaning rain
·   meditation – Om Ah Hum
A hail shower is
  • a purging rain
·   meditation –  Gaytri Mantra
A Meteor shower is
  • a redistribution rain
·   meditation –Timelessness

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