National Meditation Month | Free Community Events in Evanston and Chicago

May is National Meditation Month and MSI Wellness Center in Chicago is hosting a series of free community events to honor the wonderful celebration of meditation. If you’ve been wanting to meditate or if you’ve had a desire to do more meditation, this is the month to start. Enjoy a special spring ceremony, flower meditation, the inside story of meditation with Billie Topa Tate and so much more.

Join Us For Free Community Events at our Evanston Meditation Center

MAY 2018 Meditation Classes and Events in Chicago, Illinois

Spring Ceremony & Meditation – May 4th Friday 6:30pm

Welcome Wisdom Seekers – Your  Spring Equinox Free Event.  The dawning of The Spring Equinox is a beautiful launching of celebrations. festivals, ceremonies and onset intentions to breathe in the breath of life as mother earth launches the beginning of new energy, flowers and fresh opportunities.  

Spring Flower Medicine Meditation – May 11th Friday 6:30pm

The medicine of flowers is so uplifting, especially during this time of establishing balance and healing. This is a free open to the public community event hosted by MSI Wellness Center. Billie Topa Tate will be hosting a special meditation, facilitating an empowering and healing meditation with the medicine of flowers and herbs.

Share Meditation with a Friend – May 18th Friday 6:30pm

It’s such good karma to bring a friend to the wonderful world of meditation.  Meditation is a great tool to be guided by higher thought and refresh our mind body and spirit.  Come join us for a beautiful meditation and also learn some special techniques on how to navigate positive energy to surround ourselves with great support systems and wonderful friends.

Worldwide Celebration of Meditation – May 25th Friday 6:30pm

The world is filled with such great potential and we have more options then we know.  World wide meditation is a powerful and empowering event where we can all come together to facilitate positive and peaceful energy for the plants, animals, people and mother earth.  As a global group of wisdom seekers around the world let us use this opportunity to help everyone experience moments of wisdom and loving energy.  Click the link and be connected with us to facilitate positive and empowering energy around the world.


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