Special Message from Billie Topa Tate

Dearest Community,

It is always an honor to corespondent with you.  We would like to help and support our community to be empowered, educated and healthy.  We are doing our part in cleansing, clearing and following the guidelines, in response to the Covid 19 situation and moving large events and classes to future dates.

Special Announcement

Billie Topa Tate’s New Birthday  Celebration Date. We are moving the birthday celebrations to April 24th – the last Friday in April.  We are looking forward to enjoying the new meditation, birthday celebration and being together.  We look forward to our new April date for our birthday celebration.

For the remainder of the month of March we will be postponing our free community meditation and encouraging people to go on our on-line meditation platform for meditation on Friday’s.

Private client practice with Billie Topa Tate one on one sessions remains active and open Monday – Friday 9am – 6pm. Please call for details 847-866-0505.

Wakan Tankan Nici Un
May The Great Spirit Walk With You
Billie Topa Tate- Founder
Mescalero Apache
msi-healing.com 847.866.0505

Free Online Guided Meditation

Meditation Across The World. Our Loving Kindness goal is to provide everyone in the world an opportunity to meditate to the Loving Kindness Meditation and its working. Each and every person has reason to hope for peace and today we can create a sacred space for everyone and make a difference. Click here to enjoy a free online loving kindness guided meditation – scroll to the bottom of the page and enjoy.

Healing Services with Billie Topa Tate

We are open for private practice with Billie Topa Tate – in person, phone consultations, distant healing, one on one training and mentorship . We all walk this earth with life lessons and stressful moments. It has been our Apache tradition to become aware of our life’s purpose and work on the blocks and obstacles that block us from our lives purpose. Billie Topa has been mentor and teacher for more than 23 years helping and guiding people out of stress and into wellness. Using our Native principles, intuition and wisdom guidance to help people on their path to happiness, peace and wellness. Please contact MSI Wellness Center as we would be happy to hear from you 847-866-0505.

Coronavirus Invocation By Billie Topa Tate

This invocation is to help us all extract all the wisdom about our current situation. As my dear teacher said “there is gaining of wisdom or there is gaining of nothing.” In order to bring a healing quality to any and all crisis it is important to ask the key question of why a stressful and harmful crisis occurs and take steps to evolve and move into another level of mature.

By the power of my good merits, I invoke for my virtuous divine helpers, virtuous teachers and all the wonderful beings who assist me in virtuous ways. To provide your virtuous intervention, virtuous guidance, virtuous mentorship, healing medicine and virtuous resolution energy to the following situation

Please secure that all the people in the world come into the wisdom of why the coronavirus began. And the wisdom of what each one of us can do virtuous learn and do to allow our virtuous evolution in a wisdom filled ways. Also, to respect all animals, plants, our mother earth and all other human beings in a virtuous wisdom filled way.

Neutralize the coronavirus instantly and properly and help all of us in the human kingdom to continue with contributing to the virtuous balance of mother nature and mother earth.

Here and now and from this day forward, physically, mentally, emotionally and at all other levels. In full faith so be it now

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