What is Mercury Retrograde?

Valuable information to know during mercury retrograde

At several points throughout the year most of us will be bombarded with the chaotic effects of Mercury in retrograde. Mercury is a planet which governs all transportation and communication issues. Mercury is not an emotional planet, but rather a highly objective, truth-seeking one. It rules intelligence, education and truth. When it is in retrograde, some of its power is held back.

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When Mercury starts turning in an apparent backward motion, we will start to feel the effects of this event days or even as far as two weeks earlier. When the planet normalizes we will see the tempo of events pick up in our lives as the planet becomes “stationary” and then speeds forward.

What happens when Mercury retrogrades?

  • You miss appointments
  • Your computer equipment crashes
  • Checks get lost
  • There will be countless delays, cancellations and postponements

But know these will benefit you in the long run. Don’t fight them, although your frustration level and feeling of restlessness will be hard to cope with at times.

All machinery and things with moving parts–such as

  • Computers
  • VCRs
  • Camera equipment
  • Garbage disposals, and so forth

Will reveal any weak links now. It is critical that you back up your data system and be more careful and vigilant than ever. Projects will demand more time and money than anticipated this month.

Why would the Universe give us Mercury retrograde?

Because to move forward it is sometimes necessary to backtrack and reconfigure our paths in life. It is important to reconsider, repair, reflect, and reconnect. Mercury forces us to slow down and fix what’s broken, and in so doing, rethink things. It also gives us time to get to projects we have put on the back-burner.

Some activities are lucky or actually improve when Mercury retrogrades. You are likely to bump into old friends that you haven’t seen in years. Adopted children tend to find their birth parents during Mercury retrograde periods, or people locate their long lost siblings. Prosecutors often find clues to crimes that had previously remained unsolved for years.

Stay strong, positive and stand in your power.  Share smiles and laughter during times of retrograde and know that this is a time of learning and not punishment.  Share this with friends and loved ones who are experiencing the effects of mercury in retrograde.

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