What is Reiki Phowa?

The Reiki Phowa is the gentle and loving way to provide assistance respective to helping a loved one in their physical death process.

Please enjoy this wonderful conversation between Billie Topa Tate and Reiki Phowa Teacher Chuck Killman, click below to watch.


What is Reiki Phowa

The Reiki Phowa combines the various Reiki sacred symbols, principles and energy, with the wonderful empowerments and philosophies of the Phowa.

A blend of the Mescalero Apache – Native American Principles of the Chakras, philosophies and deeper understandings of the death process.   All this information has been restructured to be more applicable in a Universal platform, which is not bound by any religious constitution.

In this class you will learn…

What Is The Reiki Phowa
  • The Phowa Lineage , The Reiki Healing System
  • The Developer of Reiki Phowa
  • What Is Reiki Phowa
  • The Levels of Reiki Phowa – As A Practitioner/Facilitator



The Four Types of Situations (Steps for each situation)

  • Defining The Four Categories
  • Integrating Reiki Symbols and Phowa Techniques
  • Step by Step Process for Each Category


Principles of The Sacred Journey of Death
  • Foundation and Deeper Understand of The Transition process
  • Mystical Teaching Regarding Three Categories “Return To Soul”
  • Understanding Life after Death


Preliminary Mind Body Spirit – Mystical Self Care and Techniques
  • Why Take A Salt Bath , The Neti Pot
  • Karma Invocation. Meditation Techniques
  • Service Work, White Cloud Invocation
  • Releasing Tension Exercise



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