What is Integrated Energy Therapy (IET) for Kids?

Peace, gentleness, self-love, forgiveness, trust, ease, self-empowerment, safety, wellbeing: these are qualities we all wish for our children to be surrounded by throughout their lives. It can be challenging for them to connect with these empowering energies, however, with so many pressures that they can experience in their busy lives. IET for Kids teaches children how to tune into that wise and healing place inside them to make those positive connections. They learn to do this through a partnership with their very own angels.

What is Integrated Energy Therapy?

ietIntegrated Energy Therapy was created by Stevan Thayer, who is the founding director of the Center of Being, Inc. The focus of the Center is “personal empowerment, self-healing and spiritual growth through the healing art of energy therapy in its many forms.” Steven began teaching IET in 1994, and since then it has spread around the world, with thousands of students currently in 75 countries. As described on www.learniet.com:

Integrated Energy Therapy® (IET®) is one of the next generation – hands on – power energy therapy systems that get the “issues out of your tissues” for good! …IET uses the violet angelic energy ray, as brought to us through the nine Healing Angels of the Energy Field, to work directly with your 12 Strand Spiritual DNA. IET supports you in safely and gently releasing limiting energy patterns of your past, empowering and balancing your life in the present, and helps you to reach for the stars as you evolve into your future. We chose the term “Integrated” in our name to convey our healing vision of “integrating the pain of the past, into the power of the present, to bring about the joy of the future”. We have been privileged to see Integrated Energy Therapy live up to this vision.

Who can benefit from IET?

Why would we teach this form of healing to children? Many children already feel a very strong connection to angels. This can be a source of comfort and support in their lives. This class, designed specifically for children, helps to reinforce that connection, and provides them with specific tools they can use to deepen it even further. They also learn how to share the angels’ uplifting and healing energy with others, which can be very empowering and reinforces the idea of compassionately sharing loving kindness with the world.

There are many other children who aren’t aware of angels in their lives who can also benefit from the class. So many children today suffer with anxiety. These boys and girls may be naturally very sensitive and easily overwhelmed both from external environments and by their own intense feelings. They may be naturally intuitive, yet uncertain how to integrate and live from their intuitive nature as a place of strength. Instead, they may be confused or nervous about the nature of what they are feeling.

What do children gain from learning Integrated Energy Therapy?

jumping-kidIn IET for Kids, we spend time learning about our energy bodies – also referred to as our auras and chakras. The children will make a small pendulum which helps them see where their chakras are and how the energy moves. This helps them understand that we feel things that are around us in the world, not just in our physical bodies. Many sensitive, anxious children are indeed sensing the world around them and taking that on as their own feelings, without realizing it (many adults do this, too!). This class teaches them how they can clean their own energy field using an Angel Wash technique, so that they can live their lives from a place of greater emotional clarity and strength.

We also talk about how the angels can help us learn how to release painful feelings and experiences that we hold in our bodies, and how we can bring in and integrate positive, loving, and empowering energy in its place. Emotional resilience is a powerful, life-long skill which this class introduces through these lessons and angelic healing techniques the kids are taught.

At the core of learning to work with angels is the technique we use to connect our energy to theirs. This is called an Angelic Heartlink. It is a visualization technique, whereby we create an energetic cord that connects our heart to the heart of our angels. This also is how we invite the angels to share their energy with us, and through us, to share their energy with others. It is a simple and very effective tool which we will experience and practice together during class.

IET for Kids will take place on October 3 Saturday 1 – 4pm.  Click here for additional information.

During class, we will have a variety of activities, including:

  • learning about the nine Healing Angels of the Energy Field and how they can help us.
  • receiving an attunement, which is a healing and empowering energetic process that opens their magnetic field up to more fully connect with the energy of the angels.
  • learning how to partner with the angels to receive healing energy for themselves and their loved ones.
  • connecting with and deepening their relationship with their own personal angels.
  • discovering their chakras, energy anatomy, and how to clean their energy fields, through cartoon drawings and playing with a wooden pendulum which they create.
  • practicing how to transform strong feelings such as shame, guilt, fear and distrust, with empowering angelic energies, including trust, love, ease, safety, forgiveness, and innocence.

IET for kids is designed for children ages 7-12. It can be introduced to children of all ages, but the materials and activities were specifically developed with these ages in mind. Both boys and girls are welcome. The tone of the class will be playful, creative and most importantly, a safe and sacred space for the children to have this new personal exploration. Children will receive a workbook as well as a certificate of completion at the end of the class.

How do children respond to IET?

I’ve had the pleasure of sharing IET with children on many occasions. One insightful teenaged boy shared that he felt that the angels helped him find the playful little boy in his heart. Another young boy shared that the angels helped him at school when he was feeling anxious, reporting that he could see them on the ceiling of his classroom playing soccer and kicking balls of positive energy down into the class. Another child shared with her mother that the angels taught her about her inner child. Children have reported that they are happy to be able to share angelic energy with loved ones who are sick. In all cases, they feel empowered and comforted by these connections, feeling a greater sense of peace with who they are, and how they live their lives in the world.

About the Author/Instructor:

Laura PryzbyLaura Pryzby is dedicated to providing children a safe, compassionate space that allows them to express their unique spirits. She works with children and adults, empowering them to live joyfully, with a body-mind-spirit approach to well-being.   Laura is a certified Integrated Energy Therapy Master-Instructor, Reiki Master Teacher, Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, and Child Meditation and Mindfulness Facilitator, with a certificate in Radiant Child Yoga.

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