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Attract Love Today With Free Loving Kindness

Today is a day to celebrate love and friendship.  Karma is the spiritual principal of cause and effect, a belief that what you put out in the world spiritually and emotionally is what you in return will receive.  Today is a day of giving and receiving love.  We are encouraging all our followers to increase the love and kindness they bestow on others.  And as a result we will provide you with tools to attract people to bestow love and kindness onto you.

Energy Flows where attention goes….

Attracting Love | Setting and Envisioning Your Perfect Relationship:

In order to invite love and kindness into your world, you must first set the right environment and envision what you are looking for.  A good example would be an Olympic athlete who prepares and practices for his/her course.   The athlete focuses on the course, imagines the course,  walks thru the course and removes actions, thoughts, emotions which may hinder the course, thus perfecting the course.    By fine tuning the course and practicing how to get to the end of the course, the athlete envisions what he or she truly wants the course to be become.

This is how to set yourself up for the perfect relationship.

Loving Kindness Mantra to do during the day:

Say the mantra below to begin your process:

“I tap into the power of the Universe.
I am beautiful and everyone loves me.”
(eliminate sarcasm this blocks all good energies)

Instruction on Loving Kindness Mantra:

Do this with attention without tension. Repeat it in your mind like you are singing a sweet song and using a rhythm like ocean waves or breezy trees.

Make a List of Attributes:

Physical, Emotional, Mental, Spiritual, Financial

It is very important to list out the attributes of the person you would like in your life.   Just like pursuing a great job that would inspire you, empower you and financially support you,  filter out what you don’t want and focus on what you do what.  After listing all the particulars of appearance, emotional, mental, spiritual and financial – keep this list with you and record it on your phone to listen to it daily.   Keep in mind – the universe will take your list and search for the person.  Also, remember –  the universe may change some of the variables like the weight or height or color hair or even the career sector,  this happens for your higher good.

Each and every person has reason to hope for peace and today we can create a sacred space for everyone and make a difference. It would be wonderful if everyone in the world would meditate and share Loving Kindness.

Send this Loving Kindness video to three people in your life today

  • Make a wish
  • Touch your heart
  • Smile
  • Take a peaceful breath
  • Make a wish
  • Release it up to the sky
  • Express gratitude for the blessings that are on their way

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