How to Prepare for the Fall Equinox

What is Autumn/Fall Equinox:

fall equinoxThe Autumn Equinox is the day in which we switch seasons from summer to fall.  Fall equinox is when day and night are the same length of time signaling a significant time of balance.

As we wrap up the remaining time of the calendar, we see this as a powerful gateway into the final months of the year. It is common to utilize this time to reflect and plan on what you’d like to accomplish in the upcoming year.

5  Ways to Prepare for the Fall Equinox:

  1. Time to harvest- and gather for the winter.  Both literally and figuratively.  Harvest what makes you happy, feel loved and safe.
  2. Improve your health with balanced eating habits and exercise.  Remember that mental health is so very important.  Say empowering things to yourself every morning and remind yourself of what you accomplished every night.
  3. Fall is a time to turn your home into a calm place- more time indoors than outdoors.  This is a perfect time to get those projects done around the house to come winter you can look around and smile.  Read our blog on 5 Unique Techniques for Space Clearing.
  4. Time to meditate.  Summer days are often filled with activities which sometimes take us away from our spiritual practices.  Revisit your meditation practices and remember they don’t always have to be like pinterest shows.  Lay down and listen to the loving kindness meditation – it’s ok if you fall asleep 🙂
  5. Use the energy you gained from the summer solstice to regain focus on your goals, what is truly important for you and draw a line in the sand to mark out what you don’t want in your life.  The change of season is perfect time reevaluate your lifestyle and make positive changes.

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