5 Unique Techniques for Space Clearing

Space Clearing can be easy and enjoyable.

Space Clearing

In Feng Shui, it is recommended to do a deep space clearing at least once a year. It is also recommended to do space clearing after an intensely negative event, such as a divorce, for example, or before moving into a house with negative energies (for example, a foreclosed house).

What is Space Clearing:

Space Clearing, or “house healing” is a ritual performed in a room, house, office or building to rid the space of negative energy or misfortune and create a place of blessings.

5 techniques for Space Clearing:

  1. Use oils. Combine the Oil of Oregano and Tansy (Flower Essence Only) in a bottle with a  dropper.  Make sure to clearly mark the container “for non – consumption”.  Take a dropper filled with solution and empty down the drains, toilets, and related draining systems.   Use a small amount of water to carry the solution down the drain.
  2. Have the right mindset.  Do space clearing when you feel physically fit and healthy, emotionally centered, and mentally focused.
  3. Take time to attune to the space.   Mentally announce yourself and radiate your intention.  At the Center of the house, set your intention – radiate out divine light and ask that the divine light Purify and Preserve your home in this divine light for the life of the building.   End with So Be It.
  4. Repair.  As well as clearing clutter it is important to fix leaking faucets, replacing worn out mirrors, repair or replace old windows and doors.
  5. Cleanse.  Take a salt bath and use lots of fresh air and sunlight for your home after the Space Clearing.


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