Connecting with Your Energy Stones and Crystals

Crystals and Stones experience their consciousness through the energies that flow through them. This means the energies of the natural forces and other minerals around the crystals connect you, your beautiful intentions and your interactions with your crystals.

When you connect with your crystal or energy stones you are initiating this crystal to the virtuous action of co-creating with you.  Always clean and de-program your crystal before beginning your co-creation with your crystal.

The Importance of Cleaning your Crystal or Gemstone:

There are many ways to energetically clean your crystal or gemstone.    Crystals and or gemstones are structured to absorb energy, utilize energy, magnify energy, transmit and receive energy.    The general operating system of a crystal is to collect and absorb from its environment and this is why it is important to clean them.    The following information is how I clean my crystals, however, there are other methods to cleaning crystals and gemstones.

Depending upon the use of your crystal or gemstone it is advisable to clean them weekly or monthly or daily.

Cleaning Instructions for Crystals or Gem Stones:

  1. Use one part salt (regular salt is fine), and two parts water.   The water is best at room temperature or tap water.
  2. Submerge the entire crystal in the solution.   Allow for the crystal or gemstone to remain in the solution for at least 15 minutes – 1 hour.  If the crystal or gemstone is too large, use a  spray bottle and mist the crystal or gemstone with the solution.     As you are spraying the solution on the crystal or gemstone it makes for a more powerful cleansing if you chant while spraying.
  3. After a thorough saturation, use clear water to rinse the crystal or gemstone.
  4. Use a towel to dry the crystal.
  5. The recommended chant is “I ask that any previous program on this crystal to be removed” and “ may this crystal be empowered with peace, peace and perfect peace”

You can also use Witch Hazel as a replacement for the salt component for the cleaning solution.    These two solutions are the deepest and simplest way to clean and clear your crystals or gemstones.

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