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Simple Steps for “Energy Gifting” During the Holidays

Warm Greetings and Happy Holidays Wisdom Seekers,

I’d like to share some exciting ways to enhance empowering energy with everyone you love during the holidays, called “Energy Gifting“.

Here are some wonderful ways to give energy gifts that are so loving, thoughtful, powerful, cost effective and easy to do during the holidays. Your family and friends will truly be touched by this thoughtful and creative gift. ” Energy Gifting ” will also introduce a lot of people to a new way of understanding energy and start an excellent wave of tradition that can go even further than what I have recommended.

Simple Steps to Wonderful Energy Gift Giving 101…

All it takes is a little time and creativity to either design a holiday card or purchased a holiday card . The person who receives this will be very touched by your thoughtfulness.

1) Design a wonderful card that says to your loved one that you will take time to send wonderful thoughts and energy for a period of time – as a great Holiday gift for them.

2) In the holiday card place a small little card they can put in their wallet or purse to pull out every day to connect with you regarding the energy gift you’re going to give them.

3) When you make this little card for the wallet or purse – print it out so they can read it clearly and then personally sign it … example … Dear Dad, I will be sending you a big hug of happiness, peace, good health, joy and good fortune at 8am in the morning for the month of December.  Starting December 1st please keep this in your wallet and read it every day to connect with the wonderful thoughts I am sending you. Happy Holidays Dad with love (your name).

4) Make a small paper ornament or small piece of chocolate or even a $1 lotto ticket to go with your holiday card.

5) As an energy reminder for you – Place a copy of this little card either on your holiday tree with a bow or by your meditation chair. You can then send this wonderful energy to all your recipients in the morning.

6) If you like, you can provide a journal for your recipient so he or she can write down what they experienced and how they felt. This helps anchor and enhance the energy experience.

That’s it and what a great way to infuse the holiday spirit!

Consultation Options with Billie Topa Tate

Billie Topa Tate during these busy and possibly stressful times offers her virtuous mentorship and clairvoyant perspectives via the wonderful option of a telephone consultation.  Her telephone consultations are $95 – 1 hour session.  This is a great option and can be secured by contacting her office to schedule an appointment.  We look forward to being of service to you.  Please contact MSI Wellness Center  847-866-0505.

Many Blessings,
Billie Topa Tate
Mescalero Apache
Founder of MSI Healing INC

Sacred Predictions New Year’s Day Special Event

Mystical Meaning Behind Meteor Showers

The Universes Mystical Action and What This Means

The Mescalero Apache belief is that our ancestors and divine helpers on the other side are right next to us in the energy world and when it rains the window is open even more – allowing us to be guided by their wisdom in deeper ways.   Here is some wonderful mystical information not written in any books but she heard in oral tradition.

You can use this wonderful information to really develop a deeper understanding of your great journey.   Meditating during meteor showers brings deeper insights into your life.  We recommend the meditation called the “gift of inner light” which you can purchase on our by clicking here!

A meteor shower is the universes way of redistributing minerals throughout the universe, to help harmonize the earth, empower the earth and provide a potential for a shift of consciousness.     We are made of the minerals of the stars and by infusing the earth with other minerals from other galaxies , we thus have a potential to evolve, mature and become more self aware.   It is said meteors are touched by the finger of the Creator, just like thunder and lightening.   Thus, it has vitality of  the Creators power.   Therefore, during times of meteor showers it would be important to do meditation, sweat lodge, vision quest  and then wisdom filled service work ( whether this positive service work is energetic or physical )   this allows the universe an opportunity to facilitate more enlightenment through these stones upon the earth.

The ancient Greeks believed that finding a meteorite would bring the owner a year’s worth of good luck and a wish,  and it is from them that we have ultimately inherited the idea of wishing upon a star. Our Native American Elders and Medicine Women and Men have been known to wear them as protective amulets, passing them down through generation after generation of shamans as symbols of their connection with the Creators insights, wisdom, and  power. Temples throughout the ancient Mediterranean were in possession of meteorites, likewise holding them as sacred objects. Even in the modern world, a meteorite is one of the most venerated objects in contemporary monotheistic religious practices.

The following meditation recommendations can be found by clicking here, profound meditations during our Meteor showers.

Dates Heavenly  Activity Mystical  Steps  to Take
Jan 2nd Quadrantids Meteor Shower Jyoti  Meditation CD or MP3 download


This may be visual on Jan 1-5

April 21st Lyrids

Meteor Shower

Om Ah Hum Meditation CD  or MP3 download



The Lyrids are a strong meteor shower lasting from april 16th to april 26th ea year

May 6th Aquariids Meteor Shower Gayatri Mantra CD  or MP3 download



Aquariids meteor shower usually produce about 10 meteors per hour,  the highest intensity usually take place on 5 and 6th of May

August 13th Perseids Meteor Shower Seven Sacred Word Meditation  CD or MP3 download


Often enjoyed by summer campers and can be seen in open skies

October 8th Draconids Meteor Shower Timelessness Meditation CD or MP3 download


The draconids are a meteor shower whose parent body is the periodic comet 21location.

October 20 Orionids Meteor Shower Etheric Enhancement  CD Meditation or MP3 download


Associated w Hailey comet appear to come from  the constellations of Orion


Heavenly Activity Mystical Meaning Billie Topa Tate’s Recommendations
A light rain is
  • a blessing rain
·   meditation – Jyoti
A heavy rain is
  • a cleaning rain
·   meditation – Om Ah Hum
A hail shower is
  • a purging rain
·   meditation –  Gaytri Mantra
A Meteor shower is
  • a redistribution rain
·   meditation –Timelessness

Free Meditation Mala Giveaway

This offer is for our kind customers who have purchased Billie Topa Tate’s meditations, and have joined in our vision of  “Creating a Sacred Person One Person at a Time” at MSI Wellness Center.

How To Win:

Fun Interactive Opportunity!  Everything is going to video,  film a short video sharing how you enjoy and incorporate Billie Topa Tate’s meditations into your practice.  Click here to see the library of downloadable Meditations.

Create a nice space at home or outside and make a short video for Billie Topa Tate. Create this quick and fun video, then email the video to

How again? Create a 2-5 minute video and share your wonderful meditation practice with any one of Billie Topa Tate’s meditations.

When your video is ready… email the video to
and you will be entered to win!  Easy!  Thank you!

About The Prize: 

Sacred Mala Bracelet handmade by Billie Topa Tate and blessed with Healing Energy.  Malas are worn for meditation or yoga to deepen your practice and as a reminder to keep your attention focused during your practice.   Malas can also be used to inspire you as you set your intentions.  Each stone has subtle properties which effect the subconscious of the mind.

We will announce the winner of our FREE MALA GIVEAWAY on Friday November 2, 2018! Please check our Facebook Page for the Announcement.


MSI Healing INC reserve all rights of free video usage, thanks and good luck!!

Goddess Durga Mantra | For Protection and Removal of Negativity

Goddess Durga symbolizes the clearing energy (divine forces) known as divine shakti (means force, power, and feminine energy) that is used against the negative influences. Also, some say Durga protects mankind by removing negative forces such as prejudice, jealousy, ego, hatred, anger, and selfishness.

Listen below  as Billie Topa Tate welcomes you to the Goddess Durga Mantra with an explanation and her gift to you to assist in providing clearing energy.

How To Use The Durga Mantra:

By chanting (aloud or mentally) this protection mantra done on a regular basis can  facilitate energy to clear away restrictions to  prosperity, beauty, intelligence, also, facilitate the removal of restrictive energies  in our  life and gift us with unlimited blessings. This powerful mantra can be used for different types of problems that you face on your journey related to finances, bad luck, health, and obstacles.

About the Author:  Billie Topa Tate’ is the founder of MSI (Mystical Sciences Institute) an earth friendly educational institute located in Evanston, Illinois. Billie is Mescalero Apache and is dedicated to presenting the sacred principles, doctrines, and teachings of her Native Culture and many ancient wisdom systems from around the world, creating synthesis through harmony of many lineages.


Listen to the Introduction to the Goddess Durga Mantra from Billie Topa Tate:

Your Free Durga Mantra Guided by Billie Topa Tate:


International Day of Peace | Free Worldwide Meditation

Join Billie Topa Tate September 21st Friday in harmony with meditation on this wonderful day of opportunity to help lift the world and source the quality of peace through meditation.  The International Day of Peace (“Peace Day”) is observed around the world each year on 21 September. Peace Day provides a globally shared date for all humanity to commit to Peace above all differences and to contribute to building a Culture of Peace.

A beautiful Apache story about the quantities of walking in a sacred manner…

A long time ago in a mystical land called Earth walked the people and the people were given gifts so they could enjoy Mother Earth and all the other kingdoms on Mother Earth. These most precious gifts were infused within our spirit and our consciousness. They allowed all forms of life to feel, have thought and do. For humanity this meant we could create our path of existence and wisdom. These gifts can be used in feeling and thought. The gifts of our thoughts, images and emotions launches our journey on a daily basis. Through these wonderful attributes -we walk this world. In the beginning of time as we know it, the creation formula of walking in a sacred way was given to the people. In quiet stillness 1 – 2 times a day for short periods of time would we experience peace but also, a time to be guided by higher thought and even send this wonderful energy to others.

The international day of peace is a great opportunity to relaunch the beautiful quality of peace and healing for everyone.   Let us all take time to be in the quiet stillness to send this powerful energy to everyone around the world.

Free Community Meditation Celebration

Billie Topa Tate and MSI Wellness Center welcomes you Friday September 21st at 6:30pm in honor of International Day of Peace – MSI Wellness Center 2144 Ashland Ave Suite #1 Evanston IL 60201.  Call our center for details as we would love to hear from you – 847-866-0505

Meditation Across The World

Each and every person has reason to hope for peace and today we can create a sacred space for everyone and make a difference. It would be wonderful if everyone in the world would meditate to the Loving Kindness Meditation. We can do this with your loving help. Join Billie Topa Tate September 21st Friday worldwide in meditation by clicking below…

Billie Topa Tate Returns from Ceremony

Billie Topa Tate shares her journey and welcomes you to her upcoming events…

Upcoming Events with Billie Topa Tate

Advanced Guide to Women’s Goddess Gathering
September 16th Sunday 10am – 12noon

Join Billie Topa Tate for this new women’s gathering. The Goddess Universe is the sacred source embracing the medicine woman. Celebrating the goddess in every woman. This gathering will connect women in celebration of our diversity, sacred intention, ignite the power within and experience a sacred journey drumming ceremony

Discover Your Spirit Totem Animal
September 23rd Sunday  10am – 12noon

Join Billie Topa Tate for an exciting new class. She shares Native American traditions to discover and connect with our spirit totems, Our Totem Animal awakens our inner most wisdom and inspires us with beautiful healing energy. We all have wonderful guides that inspire us to awaken the essence of the most purest energies for our journey.

Private Services with Billie Topa Tate

Billie Topa Tate is Mescalero Apache ( Native American ) and is the founder of The MSI Wellness Center located in Evanston, Illinois.   The Center was developed over 20 years ago to offer clients and students her expertise as a Native Teacher and Mentor.   Billie also offers energy based treatments, such as Reiki, Native Energy sessions, and Cranial Sacral therapy.

About Your First Visit:

All first visits consist of a general consultation to review client concerns and stress points, after which, Billie will provide her insights as a Native teacher and trained intuitive clairvoyant to speak from an energetic perspective.   Billie will then work with you and your to providing personal techniques, insight, homework to facilitate happiness, healthy coping skills, and wellness for your life’s journey.

Contact MSI Wellness Center 847-866-0505 to schedule your private appointment.

Share Meditation Around The World | Free Online Meditation

Meditation Description:

This is a beautiful 27 minute guided meditation.  Cleanses the energy bodies, opens the heart and crown chakras and facilitates healing for you and your loved ones. This meditation enhances peace, joy and a wonderful sense of well being.

Vision Story from Billie Topa Tate:

Our Loving Kindness goal is to provide everyone in the world an opportunity to meditate!!! We receive telephone calls from people all over the world from South Africa, Argentina, Britain, New Zealand and everywhere in the United States. Our growing project is truly helping create a world filled with compassion.

Each and every person has reason to hope for peace and today we can create a sacred space for everyone and make a difference. It would be wonderful if everyone in the world would meditate to the Loving Kindness Meditation. We can do this with your loving help.
Click here to be part of the sharing meditation around the world! 

Step Into a Career of Teaching Meditation:

The Meditation Teacher Training Certification Course is open to the general public as well as advanced students of meditation. This certification enables an individual to successfully begin a wonderful journey of teaching meditation, especially in large group settings. The meditation platform has become more and more important in so many aspects of our communities from business environments to hospital settings. Through this 5 month training course, you will gain certification into teaching  all levels of Meditation.  To best serve your schedule, time and needs, this is a combination of home study and one on one training. Click here to learn more at Meditation Teacher Training’s curriculum, application, testimonials and so much more! 

Free Community Meditation:

Our Evanston, Illinois Wellness and Meditation Center offers a free group guided meditation for peace, mindfulness and relaxation every Friday at 6:30pm – 7:30pm.  We have been providing this free community event in the Chicago area for over 19 years.  You are welcome to drop in as no registration is required and all of the supplies are provided.  Click here to register for our Free Meditation on the Friday of your choice!

Classes Streamed Instantly Over The Internet: 

MSI Wellness Center online courses provide accessible, interactive learning in the areas of mindfulness, healing, meditation, & spiritual growth.  We are  dedicated to be of service to anyone who is seeking wellness, spiritual growth, mindfulness and training to build on current healing practices.  Click here to see the library of online classes available now! 

Powerful Ganesha Mantra | For Success and Removal of All Life Obstacles

According to the sanskrit teachings this Ganesha Mantra is a perfect mantra to awaken Shakti.  Shakti means energy and power focused upon a particular expressed desire or manifesting energy of the Universe to ignite the transformation within.  Ganesha is the power of knowledge, success and fulfillment.

This is a wonderful mantra to share with family and friends because it’s easy and uplifting with the potential for great results. According to the Buddhist Handbook, mantras are “highly compressed, power-packed formulas, usually of Sanskrit origin, which are charged with deep meaning and magical potency.”

How To Use The Ganesha Mantra:

Chant this mantra with the express desire to remove an obstacle from your path.   You can also chant this mantra for happiness and enlightenment as well as good health, abundant wealth and good luck.

About the Author: Billie Topa Tate – Mescalero Apache and Founder of MSI Wellness Center in Evanston, Illinois.   During my training with my wonderful teachers, I have learned and utilized wisdom filled techniques such as, mantra and or affirmations.

Your Free Ganesha Mantra Guided by Billie Topa Tate:

Would you like to learn more about mantra and sacred scripts please, click here.



Cleaning Instructions for Crystal and Gem Stones

Crystals and gemstones are structured to absorb energy, utilize energy, magnify energy, transmit and receive energy.  The general operating system of a crystal is to collect and absorb from its environment and this is why it is important to clean them.    The following information is how I clean my crystals; however, there are other methods to cleaning crystals and gemstones.   Depending upon the use of your crystal or gemstone it is advisable to clean them weekly or monthly.


Cleaning Instructions for Crystals: 

  • Use one part salt (regular salt is fine), and two parts water.
  • The water is best at room temperature or tap water.
  • Submerge the entire crystal in the solution.
  • Allow for the crystal or gemstone to remain in the solution for at least 1-2 hours.
  • If the crystal or gemstone is too large, use a spray bottle and mist the crystal or gem stone with the solution.  As you are spraying the solution on the crystal or gem stone it makes for a more powerful cleansing if you chant while spraying.
  • After a thorough saturation, use clear water to rinse the crystal or gemstone.
  • Use a towel to dry the crystal.
  • The recommended chant is the Om Ah Hum.

Join The New Workshop – Native Guide to Crystal Healing
Saturday June 23rd 10am – 12noon

This Saturday is a new workshop guided by Billie Topa Tate. A Native Guide to Crystals June 23rd Saturday 10am – 12noon. We begin our crystal training with five essential crystals that everyone should have in their tool kit of energetic resources. Learn powerful information on how to use these 5 essential crystals on a daily basis to refresh and balance our energy field and chakras. Click here for more information,

The Apache Story of Karma

The Apache Story of How the Karma Invocation was Created 

Our Native Elders speak of this great story.  Many mystical moons ago, the Creator decided to create this beautiful Mother Earth and said, you have had many lifetimes in other places and have experienced karma.  I will give you the gift of dream time, where your body can rest  and your spirit can travel in the energy world to resolve past lives and aspects of karma.

Our native perspective regarding karma is … We believe that Karma is a mechanism by which we become aware of our own and other’s unawareness, have compassion and provide healing for this karma in a compassionate way.

The Creator provided a wonderful energy gift called the Karma Invocation to work on our stress points and soften our karma,  for past and present life. The Apache story related to the Karma Invocation is a wonderful but extensive story. I shortened this story for this document, however, you are welcome to be mentored by me via our training programs and personal one on one sessions. You are welcome to contact our office for additional information.

Karma Medicine is utilizing the karma invocation recorded and guided by Billie Topa Tate. This karma invocation was created from a very old tradition regarding the gift that the Creator gave the Nde people ( Nde means the Apache people ) about using our dream time to resolve our past life and present life karma, through a combination of healing words written to access this special energetic connection. The karma invocation is recommended  to be listened to every night before sleep time.

Enjoy this wonderful ancient energy tool to help soften karma.
I look forward to seeing you very soon,
Billie Topa Tate

Enjoy this audio recording of the Karma Invocation by Billie Topa Tate

Available Now ! The New Karma Invocation 2018
This New Karma Invocation Is Available Now On CD & MP3 Download ($10)
Click Here To Learn More