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Meditation Across The World

Our Loving Kindness goal is to provide everyone in the world an opportunity to meditate to the Loving Kindness Meditation and its working!!! We receive telephone calls from people all over the world from South Africa, Argentina, Britain, New Zealand, and Sweden and everywhere in the United States.  Our growing project is truly helping create a world filled with compassion.

Each and every person has reason to hope for peace and today we can create a sacred space for everyone and make a difference. It would be wonderful if everyone in the world would meditate to the Loving Kindness Meditation. We can do this with your loving help by sharing this blog with a loved one.

Are you looking to take the next step in your Meditation Practices?


How Master Teachers Use Time Gate Karma…

A old and wise Sage said… timing is everything…   Just like some aspects of weather can be beneficial to resolving our energy levels, so it is, that the heavens and constellations of stars and planets can provide us with powerful waves of energy conditioned to help us with softening or eliminating our karma.

Time Gate Karma Resolution –  is a more advanced wisdom filled technique used by master teachers to eliminate and or soften constrictive aspects of karma.

During our class I will be presenting the advanced teachings of using the planets and their strong powerful positions and energies to transform deeper aspects of personal karma.

I will also provide information regarding the mystical symbols of the full and new moon, as well as, using the constellations of the heavens when they are in retrograde and which simply but powerful positions are more advantageous to use in resolving our karma.     Also to know what type of karmas you have selected to work on and how to soften and or transform them.

I will be sharing wonderful Native American stories about Time Gate Karma Resolution and  the wonderful symbology of how the universe helps us on our journey we call life.  Join us for a very exciting and meaningful lecture.  please register early so we have enough handouts for everyone.

Sedona Retreat

Reiki Crystal Bowl Workshop | Video Message from Billie Topa Tate

Newly designed class by Billie Topa Tate. Using quartz crystal bowls and reiki for a immersion of soothing reiki energy into the energy field. The energy centers within the body truly respond to heavenly sound and the healing power of reiki. Billie Topa Tate designed a step by step session that will help our clients and families to disperse congested energy and rebalance the energy field to facilitate a great sense of peace, healing and energetic balance. We are officially excited about sharing this new

Reiki Crystal Bowl session, will include…….

  • *How to infuse Reiki into our Quartz Crystal Bowl
  • *Reiki symbol applications with quartz crystal bowl techniques
  • *Hand positions with the quartz crystal bowl and reiki symbols
  • *Remove harmful energies from the energy field using sound, reiki and angels
  • *Empower your massage table with reiki, sound and angels
  • *Clear your healing practice with quartz crystal bowl, reiki and angels
  • *Program your quartz crystal bowl for your table sessions
  • *Infuse heavenly energy into our energy field
  • *Use healing colors with quartz crystal bowl, reiki and angels
  • *Clear and empower your own energy field and your practice

Reiki Crystal Bowl Workshop June 11th Sunday 10am – 12:30pm

Sedona Retreat

How Does A Mystic Launch Spring?

A mystic knows that spring is an important season for launching a beautiful wave of Mother Earth’s energy. It is the spring season that provides the mystic divine timing which can infuse our life’s journey with powerful and wisdom filled energy. This is especially true when  the heavens place the planets in the astrological position of mercury retrograde.   These are all great opportunities for positive change and release old thoughts and energies which hold us back from our happiness and our good health.

A mystic uses the healing energy of all the season’s which keeps us in sync with all the aspects of nature thus tapping into the wonderful healing power of Mother Nature. The mystic utilizes spring time to launch  positive changes. Within this blog is a wonderful energetic technique for our spring season. Many blessings to you and enjoy this technique.


A Mystic’s Spring Check List  –  Here are some great tips to help…

  1. Review the blocks and obstacles you currently have in your life that is blocking you from your happiness and good health
  2. Print a picture of yourself
  3. Write in your energy field (white space around you) the following words and statements…
    example: to gravitate to wisdom filled resolutions to be pain free
    example: to have wisdom filled thoughts about my judgements
    example: to infuse my aura with patience with myself and others
    example: to infuse my energy with virtuous self love
    example: to have new wisdom filled thoughts about my journey
    example: to be excited about my future
    example: I add great value in the world
  4. Take a picture of your photo and all the words you used to bring these energies to you
  5. Look at this picture 2 times daily
  6. See the energy field with these words in your mind’s eye periodically throughout the day
  7. Use a mantra  “I am super receptive to these virtuous resolutions and my personal divine helpers to secure these resolutions – thank you”
  8. Dedicate some of your energy to doing wisdom filled service work to help this process.  An example of service work can be lending a helping hand to a loved one.
  9. Share this technique with a friend
  10. Namaste and share your results with us by clicking here

Have a Beautiful Spring Season – Looking Forward to Seeing You in Class – Billie Topa Tate

Click here to visit our upcoming Spring 2017 Events
Sedona Retreat

Spirit of Inner Peace Free Online Class and Meditation with Billie Topa Tate

The Spirit of Inner Peace Lecture and Meditation is a uniquely designed to help all of us be in a state of balance through the time honored Native Principles of our Mescalero Apache tradition.

Indigenous Wellness comes from bringing all aspects of our personal energy to the healthy flow of mother nature and creating a deep connection through our sacred breath and sacred thoughts to influence our nervous system, our consciousness and other aspects of our well being.

The advanced techniques within this on-line recording can be used to activate a great sense of inner peace thus the name “The Spirit of Inner Peace.” Thank you for sharing this sacred time with MSI Wellness Center and Billie Topa Tate.



Spirit of Inner Peace Free Online Class

It is a Native American custom for Billie Topa Tate to gift the community each year for her Birthday. This year, a class entitled “Spirit of Inner Peace” will be offered for free as an online streaming video available world wide on April 11th at 12:00pm.  Sign up here to receive the free online video,

The Spirit of Inner Peace Lecture and Meditation is a uniquely designed to help all of us be in a state of balance through the time honored Native Principles of our Mescalero Apache tradition.

Indigenous Wellness comes from bringing all aspects of our personal energy to the healthy flow of mother nature and creating a deep connection through our sacred breath and sacred thoughts to influence our nervous system, our consciousness and other aspects of our well being.

The advanced techniques within this on-line recording can be used to activate a great sense of inner peace thus the name “The Spirit of Inner Peace.”

Register for this Free Online Class by clicking here

Sedona Retreat

In The Spirit of Collectively Contributing as a Community…

In the spirit of love and compassion, we will be running a fundraiser at the MSI Wellness Center Saturday, February 18, where we will collect donations for the charities listed below. We welcome ALL to come. The 16% of proceeds from the Heated Mantra Meditation facilitated by Billie Topa Tate will benefit the various charities below.

If there is another charity you would rather donate to, we would be happy to collect funds and mail in your donation for you.

16% of proceeds from the Heated Mantra Meditation will be split evenly and donated to:
– Stand with Standing Rock
– Human Rights Watch
– Humane Society International
– American Heart Association

You are welcome to drop off donations at the center for your requested charity that morning from 9am-10am, before the meditation.

The Heated Mantra Meditation – Students will be provided with a yoga mat, bolster and warm blanket to relax in savasna during the mantra meditation.  The room will be heated and infused with salt lamps, Native American gentle drumming, healing chants, soft breathing exercises and sounds from crystal bowls.  Billie Topa Tate gently guides a meditation to release imprints of financial woes from the energy field. addressing our fears, frustrations, anxieties, and blocks to attract financial prosperity.

Sedona Retreat

‘The World of Native Mystics’ Free Online Video Class with Billie Topa Tate

Get a unique rare glimpse in the world of a Native Mystic. A mystic is one who seeks to connect to their higher self in the purist’s essence of body mind and spirit.  To a mystic every part of the journey has divine significance.

On Saturday, January 14, 11 a.m. to 12 p.m., MSI Wellness Center Founder and Mescalero Apache, Billie Topa Tate, provided a free lecture on how a mystic receives energy, creative qualities and energetic support to implement significant projects.   An exciting glimpse regarding the quality and world a Mystic lives in.   Topa Tate shared information and wisdom principles which carry a Mystic throughout the day and most importantly throughout the energy world.

The World of Native Mystics

The Native Mystic walks in several worlds,  1)  on the earth and 2) in  the energy  world, where wisdom and higher thought can be found and observed, mostly from our virtuous teachers in spirit who have guided Native Mystics for centuries.   It is our purpose to observe the wisdom of higher thought and utilize it within our life’s journey and help others to be guided by this higher wisdom as well.
Native Mystics observe the energy world and bring wisdom energy to the earth in many ways.
Native Mystics receive mentorship from virtuous teachers within the ancestral lineage and outside this lineage as well
“For Every Great Why – There is a Great How “  Billie Topa Tate
The Native Mystic receives Training on …
What is the mind and consciousness and why do we have it…
Also, not the answer but how to ask the right question  “ask the right question, get the right answer”  and thus the answer will appear.   We can even invoke to receive wisdom on how to ask for what we need.   Using the mind to know very clearly there is information and answer to everything, we just need to focus and listen to receive this information.  
The door that opens for an answer is to have a deep know that you will receive the answer.  Using the energy of  “Attention without Tension.”   The platform of meditation will help
The Native Mystic observes symbols,  the universe works in symbols and within the symbolic representation is a vast amount of knowledge.
To become self aware to develop the mind to have the spirit of innovation to help ourselves and all other sentient beings,  this is done through the law of economy
The mystic knows.   Where there is stress there is focus, where there is focus – there is a potential for resolution.   
Here is a technique for you to try.     Write a important question down, and only you and the universe (the Creator ) will know this question.   Read the question before meditation.   I will lead you thru a meditation and when you receive images, words, thoughts,  write them down and then contemplate these images, words, thoughts and continue to understand their meaning.  If you like you can schedule a mentoring session with me by calling and scheduling a one hour session to review any questions you have.    My consultation sessions are $95     Many blessings Billie Topa Tate

Services by Billie Topa Tate

Billie Topa TateBillie Topa Tate is Mescalero Apache ( Native American ) and maintains a successful practice for over 20 years in Evanston, Illinois. She is a certified Massage Therapist for 25 years. She is an Eighth Degree Reiki Master Teacher. She is the Founder of MSI – Healing Wellness Center, which is an accredited CE school for Massage Therapists and also, Illinois Nurses. She has taught medical doctors from Rush Hospital the healing art of Reiki as well as lectured at Hospitals regarding the Mind Body healing process and Reiki. Billie Topa Tate also teaches classes for the general public regarding environmentally friendly efforts, meditation, yoga and stress related healing modalities. Her Center provides a wonderful free and open to the public meditation every Friday at 6:30pm. You are more than welcome to contact us for more information and welcome to join us for our Free – open to the public meditation every Friday at 6:30pm

How a Mystic Prepares for 2017

The mystic is excited for the opportunity to walk this world to become even wiser and contribute for the betterment of every aspect of life.  Are you ready to learn how a Mystic gets ready for 2017 ?  Let’s start …shall we…  A mystic looks at tools, techniques and planning to navigate the universal flow of energy which can help empower and transform the 2017 journey.

7 Steps a Mystic takes to Prepare for a New Year:

Step 1: List out our concerns both personal and global – locking into a higher purpose even with my individual desires.

Step 2: Map out our energetic resources.

Step 3: Create a floor plan of energy strategies, such as individual and group meditation, group yoga and or gentle cleanses.  Timing these events with self love and self care through our thoughts and breath to help use achieve optimal energy for our journey.

Step 4: Create support groups and accountability teams to keep our focus – fresh, updated and to maintain momentum regarding global issues and personal issues.

Step 5: Lots of personal inner and outer encouragements such as “that a boys” or “you did it!”. Be your best coach and reach out for help as much as possible.

Step 6: Self advocacy in wisdom filled ways. Getting what we need in a wise and empowering way.

Step 7: Planning and execution is important but doing so with fun, joy, gratitude and wisdom is the key.

About The Author:

Billie Topa Tate

Native American Healer, Reiki Master Teacher

Billie Topa Tate’ is the founder of MSI (Mystical Sciences Institute) an earth friendly educational institute located in Evanston, Illinois. Billie is Mescalero Apache and is dedicated to presenting the sacred principles, doctrines, and teachings of her Native Culture and many ancient wisdom systems from around the world, creating synthesis through harmony of many lineages.

Billie is a traditional Native American healer and teacher of Mescalero Apache descent, trained and educated by numerous family Elders and extended family members. She is a Reiki Master Teacher Eighth Degree and licensed therapeutic massage therapist. Billie is an approved provider of continuing education programs for Massage Therapists and Illinois Nurses. Has written and lecturer extensively for more than 20 years. She is internationally recognized as a wonderful teacher, healer and advocate of Earth Friendly endeavors. Billie maintains a successful practice at her MSI center in Evanston, and with the expressed permission from her Native culture Billie shares many of the ancestral principles, healing systems and native wisdom with her students and clients.

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How to Have a Mystical and Magical Holiday Season…

We at MSI Wellness Center wish you and yours a very mystical and magical holiday.    We know that sometimes the holidays can be stressful, but to the mystic, it can be a time of filling our energy with happiness, peace, sharing and surrounding ourselves with great opportunities and empowering people.

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Here are some wonderful recommendations for the busy Mystic to truly enjoy the Holidays…

Are You Ready ? Here We Go…

  • Say yes to healthy fun
  • Create a new healthy tradition and share it with family and friends
  • Sing when you are at home cooking for yourself or sing and cook for someone else – it’s good karma
  • Fill your schedule with lots of self care and invite friends to join you or surround yourself with people who inspire you to be your better self
  • Give a gift to someone who you might have not given to..  Like your doctor or your mail person
  • Make something to give like healing soaps or organic essential oil salves -people will truly enjoy your thoughtfulness
  • Rest and read some inspiring books
  • Plan some mystical classes for the new year to empower your future
  • Support local artisans and take some friends to stage productions that are uplifting
  • Do some wonderful meditations and dedicate your practice to loved ones
  • Bring a delicious healthy meal to a family or friends gathering with a note on how to create the dish
  • Use expansive breaths … like your just received some great news to launch good fortune on your path
  • Express gratis better known as gratitude

Many blessings to your always from our family to yours.  Namaste

Click here to learn more about the wonderful events going on in 2018,