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Gratitude Gift | Prosperity Mantra

Your On-Line Gift  ‘The Lakshmi Mantra’ by Billie Topa Tate

Lakshmi Mantra – is known to bring wealth, luxury, beauty, power, generosity and auspiciousness.  Goddess Lakshmi represents fortune, purity, and courage .  Billie Topa Tate personally chants this beautiful mantra which can be used to promote beauty and prosperity.

A mantra is a set of words which may appear to have an immediate meaning, however, when repeating the mantra, the energy of the words start to address the imprints of emotional energy that may be energetically charging our cells with a limitation or a unawareness.  By listening to or chanting this mantra we adjust our energy field to promote beauty and prosperity within our aura.

Instructions: The initial instructions regarding using this mantra is to say the mantra 2 – 3 times daily while you are doing something else.  The reason for this guideline is…  that part of our mind which involves reasoning might block the process of cleansing our cells of energetic emotions.   Therefore, if we do something else while we are saying the mantra, we are keeping that part of the mind busy and allowing the mantra to cleanse our energy field of a limitation or emotional imprint.

About the Author: Billie Topa Tate – Mescalero Apache and Founder of MSI Wellness Center in Evanston, Illinois.   During my training with my wonderful teachers, I have learned and utilize wisdom filled techniques such as, mantra and or affirmations.

Please enjoy this on-line recording as our gift to you for all your loving donations in support of Billie Topa Tate’s Birthday this year. 

Interview with Chicago Meditation Expert Billie Topa Tate

In honor of National Meditation Month, we sat down with Billie Topa Tate, the founder of MSI and Mescalero Apache healer and teacher to learn more about her journey with meditation practices.

What inspired you to launch your meditation practice? 

When I was growing up I was around a lot of wonderful elders.  They were like gentle giants and the energy they carried was very dynamic. Their eyes demonstrated the peace and wisdom that they carried with them.    They spoke the story of their wisdom that inspired me to ask myself the question …”what are they doing to allow for this beautiful energy to flow through them?”.

I would often see the elders meditating, being quiet in meditation for relatively short periods of time- approximately 30 minutes. Then they would come out of that meditation with great answers and peaceful demeanor’s.   This led me to the meditation platform of connecting with the Creator,  my higher self, and all of my wonderful energetic resources which has extremely profound results.   Walking with our teachers during our meditation is absolutely a wonderful experience and gives an opportunity to ask the questions that need to be answered in our lives.  Not all meditations are created equal, you need to find the one that will benefit you the most.

When do you feel the most beneficial time is to meditate?

The most beneficial time to meditate is your power time and that is different for everyone.  Some people like to meditate in the morning and some in the evening.

I like to meditate early in the morning because it begins my day in a very powerful and profound way.   I would suggest people experiment observing which time of the day provides them with the most insight and positive energy.

Also meditation is most beneficial when we do it on a regular basis.  During a stressful time, when we have a pressing issue or an important question that needs to be answered – these are all ideal times.

Tell us your thoughts about being able to meditate while for example taking a walk vs in front of a meditation altar?

There are many meditation platforms that are available.   All of them have a common denominator, no matter if it’s a walk in nature or sitting in front of meditation alter.   The common denominator is our breath and our intentions.  Our mind is a goal driven mechanism and launches us into the energetic platform of healing and resolution through the sacred balance of our peaceful breath and our sincere willingness for wisdom filled healing insights.

My teacher used to say, when you administer divine light into your body, the body will heal faster.  I took this teaching and I created a new meditation which is a short version of a very advanced meditation I have used for many years which facilitate beautiful light into all our organs.   I would recommend this meditation called “The Gift Of Inner Light” to all.  You can contact our office to purchase either the digital format or the CD

Namaste and Happy International Meditation Month

Billie Topa Tate

Billie Topa Tate is Mescalero Apache ( Native American ) and is the founder of The MSI Wellness Center located in Evanston, Illinois.   The Center was developed over 20 years ago to offer clients and students her expertise as a Native Teacher and Mentor.   Billie also offers energy based treatments, such as Reiki, Native Energy sessions, and Cranial Sacral therapy.

Billie, also provides her students and clients with indigenous wisdom on stress management, general wellness, meditation, energy-based clearing and balancing techniques and for her advanced students, the development of their intuition and energetic self-care.

Billie has developed extensive wisdom filled classes and training for the general public. She also provides specialized training and lectures for Hospitals, such as Rush University Hospital.  Billie has created training courses in Oncology at Specialized Hospitals, such as, The Cancer Treatment Center of America, Trauma Centers and has lectured for several years at Northwestern University to the Pre-medical division on Reiki and Indigenous wellness.

Billie has maintained her successful practice for over 20 years at MSI Wellness Center.  She is an 8th Degree Reiki Master Teacher, a certified massage therapist, cranial sacral graduate, meditation teacher and Native Elder – Mescalero Apache.   She has lectured and provides training for environmentally friendly efforts, meditation, yoga, and stress-related healing modalities.    The Center also provides a wonderful free – open to the public meditation gathering every Friday from 6:30 pm – 8 pm.

National Meditation Month

To see all our special weekly meditation offerings during the month of May, click here

New Meditation by Billie Topa Tate | Gift of Inner Light

Are you looking to rejuvenate your practice or launch positive energy?

CHICAGO ILLINOIS – Billie Topa Tate announced the launch of her new meditation titled “Gift of Inner Light,” open for purchase now at  This all-new, meditation experience was created from an advanced tradition handed down from many generations of Billie Topa Tate’s native elders.  This meditation was designed to help participants bring light into our organs and helps remove emotional stagnation.

Gift of Inner Light Meditation

Guided by Billie Topa Tate
Mescalero Apache & Author of Loving Kindness Meditation

Welcome to the Meditation called “The Gift of Inner Light ” this meditation is a beautiful opportunity to create a sacred and wonderful energy not only within ourselves but also through out the world. It is an advanced meditation technique achieving healing levels of awareness and using the gift of light to assist in developing peace, peace and perfect peace within our energy field, our consciousness, our physical body and every aspect of who we are. In this meditation we become a conduit of virtuous universal healing light thus cleansing our energy field and the energy field of others.

If you have the “gift of inner light” during your meditation, please do it on a daily basis to clean your energy field at all energetic levels.

Click here to learn more about the ‘Gift of Inner Light Meditation’.

meditation cd's


National Meditation Month | Free Community Events in Evanston and Chicago

May is National Meditation Month and MSI Wellness Center in Chicago is hosting a series of free community events to honor the wonderful celebration of meditation. If you’ve been wanting to meditate or if you’ve had a desire to do more meditation, this is the month to start. Enjoy a special spring ceremony, flower meditation, the inside story of meditation with Billie Topa Tate and so much more.

Join Us For Free Community Events at our Evanston Meditation Center

MAY 2018 Meditation Classes and Events in Chicago, Illinois

Spring Ceremony & Meditation – May 4th Friday 6:30pm

Welcome Wisdom Seekers – Your  Spring Equinox Free Event.  The dawning of The Spring Equinox is a beautiful launching of celebrations. festivals, ceremonies and onset intentions to breathe in the breath of life as mother earth launches the beginning of new energy, flowers and fresh opportunities.  

Sedona Retreat



Spring Flower Medicine Meditation – May 11th Friday 6:30pm

The medicine of flowers is so uplifting, especially during this time of establishing balance and healing. This is a free open to the public community event hosted by MSI Wellness Center. Billie Topa Tate will be hosting a special meditation, facilitating an empowering and healing meditation with the medicine of flowers and herbs.

Sedona Retreat



Share Meditation with a Friend – May 18th Friday 6:30pm

It’s such good karma to bring a friend to the wonderful world of meditation.  Meditation is a great tool to be guided by higher thought and refresh our mind body and spirit.  Come join us for a beautiful meditation and also learn some special techniques on how to navigate positive energy to surround ourselves with great support systems and wonderful friends.

Sedona Retreat



Worldwide Celebration of Meditation – May 25th Friday 6:30pm

The world is filled with such great potential and we have more options then we know.  World wide meditation is a powerful and empowering event where we can all come together to facilitate positive and peaceful energy for the plants, animals, people and mother earth.  As a global group of wisdom seekers around the world let us use this opportunity to help everyone experience moments of wisdom and loving energy.  Click the link and be connected with us to facilitate positive and empowering energy around the world.

Sedona Retreat



Click here to see our 2018 calendar of community events, teacher training’s and more, view 2018 Class & Event Calendar

yama and niyama

National Meditation Month | What are the Yamas and Niyamas

“Keep your thoughts sacred, and your world will become sacred.  It’s the quiet place inside where you return over and over again which nurtures  your thoughts sacred, your heart expanded and your dreams alive.   Meditation helps you to create your sacred place.”

-Billie Topa Tate

The Practice of The Yamas and The Niyamas in Meditation:

The practice of the Yamas and Niyamas definitely inspires us to remember that meditation is a way of life — not just something we do for 20 minutes three times a week.  In fact, if they are interwoven in every fabric of our life.

The Power of Yama – Control

Yama is a process by which the actions of the body and the functions of the mind are volitionally restrained. It purifies one’s words, thoughts, and deeds, enabling the aspirant to reach the deeper aspect of his or her own self that remains dormant in an undisciplined life. Through the practice of yama, an unknown inner power is experienced, because the body becomes quiescent and the mind becomes tranquil and able to function better.

The 10 Yamas:

1. Non-Violence
2. Truth
3. Honesty
4. Sexual Continence
5. Forbearance
6. Fortitude
7. Kindness
8. Straight-Forwardness
9. Moderation in Diet
10. Purity (Bodily Cleansing)

The Power of The Niyama – Golden Rules of Contact

After following the yamas, one will be able to follow effortlessly the rules of conduct, thus enhancing the development of one’s spiritual nature that makes one harmless, selfless, friendly, loving, and respectful to all creation, from mineral to man.

The 10 Niyamas:

1. Austerity
2. Contentment
3. Belief in God
4. Charity
5. Worship of God in any form
6. Openness and constant study by reading or listening to explanations of teachings or doctrines and scriptures
7. Modesty
8. Having a discerning mind
9. Repetition of payers
10. Observance of vows and performing sacrifices

Join us, each week for our Free Friday Night Community Meditation.  Click here for more information. 

National Meditation Month

To see all our special weekly meditation offerings during the month of May, click here

Energy Stones

Connecting with Your Energy Stones and Crystals

Crystals and Stones experience their consciousness through the energies that flow through them. This means the energies of the natural forces and other minerals around the crystals connect you, your beautiful intentions and your interactions with your crystals.

When you connect with your crystal or energy stones you are initiating this crystal to the virtuous action of co-creating with you.  Always clean and de-program your crystal before beginning your co-creation with your crystal.

The Importance of Cleaning your Crystal or Gemstone:

There are many ways to energetically clean your crystal or gemstone.    Crystals and or gemstones are structured to absorb energy, utilize energy, magnify energy, transmit and receive energy.    The general operating system of a crystal is to collect and absorb from its environment and this is why it is important to clean them.    The following information is how I clean my crystals, however, there are other methods to cleaning crystals and gemstones.

Depending upon the use of your crystal or gemstone it is advisable to clean them weekly or monthly or daily.

Cleaning Instructions for Crystals or Gem Stones:

  1. Use one part salt (regular salt is fine), and two parts water.   The water is best at room temperature or tap water.
  2. Submerge the entire crystal in the solution.   Allow for the crystal or gemstone to remain in the solution for at least 15 minutes – 1 hour.  If the crystal or gemstone is too large, use a  spray bottle and mist the crystal or gemstone with the solution.     As you are spraying the solution on the crystal or gemstone it makes for a more powerful cleansing if you chant while spraying.
  3. After a thorough saturation, use clear water to rinse the crystal or gemstone.
  4. Use a towel to dry the crystal.
  5. The recommended chant is “I ask that any previous program on this crystal to be removed” and “ may this crystal be empowered with peace, peace and perfect peace”

You can also use Witch Hazel as a replacement for the salt component for the cleaning solution.    These two solutions are the deepest and simplest way to clean and clear your crystals or gemstones.

Join Billie Topa Tate at her upcoming workshop Angels and Crystals March 18th Sunday 10am – 12:30pm.  Click here for details.

Share Love & Kindness Today

Today is a day to celebrate love and friendship.  Karma is the spiritual principal of cause and effect. A belief that what you put out in the world spiritually and emotionally is what you in return will receive.  Today is a day of giving and receiving love.  We are encouraging all our followers to increase the love and kindness they bestow on others.  And as a result we will provide you with tools to attract people to bestow love and kindness onto you.

Loving Kindness Mantra to do today:

“I tap into the power of the Universe.
I am beautiful and everyone loves me.”

Instructions:   Repeat the above mantra in your mind like you are singing a sweet song throughout your day.

Loving Kindness Meditation to share today:

Send this Loving Kindness online meditation to three people in your life today.


About Billie Topa Tate:

Billie Topa Tate’ is the founder of MSI Healing INC an earth friendly educational institute located in Evanston, Illinois. Billie is Mescalero Apache and is dedicated to presenting the sacred principles, doctrines, and teachings of her Native Culture and many ancient wisdom systems from around the world, creating synthesis through harmony of many lineages.  She is dedicated to be of service to anyone who is seeking wellness, spiritual growth, mindfulness and training to build on current healing practices.  She has been offering services for over 25 years in the North Shore Evanston.

How to Have a Magical and Mystical Holiday Season…

We at MSI Wellness Center wish you and yours a very mystical and magical holiday.    We know that sometimes the holidays can be stressful, but to the mystic, it can be a time of filling our energy with happiness, peace, sharing and surrounding ourselves with great opportunities and empowering people.

Here are some wonderful recommendations for the busy Mystic to truly enjoy the Holidays…

Are You Ready ? Here We Go…

  • Say yes to healthy fun
  • Create a new healthy tradition and share it with family and friends
  • Sing when you are at home cooking for yourself or sing and cook for someone else – it’s good karma
  • Fill your schedule with lots of self care and invite friends to join you or surround yourself with people who inspire you to be your better self
  • Give a gift to someone who you might have not given to..  Like your doctor or your mail person
  • Make something to give like healing soaps or organic essential oil salves -people will truly enjoy your thoughtfulness
  • Rest and read some inspiring books
  • Plan some mystical classes for the new year to empower your future
  • Support local artisans and take some friends to stage productions that are uplifting
  • Do some wonderful meditations and dedicate your practice to loved ones
  • Bring a delicious healthy meal to a family or friends gathering with a note on how to create the dish
  • Use expansive breaths … like your just received some great news to launch good fortune on your path
  • Express gratis better known as gratitude

Many blessings to your always from our family to yours.  Namaste

Click here to learn more about the wonderful events going on in 2018,

Guidelines to Sacred Meditation Space

“Keep your thoughts sacred, and your world will become sacred.  It’s the quiet place inside where you return over and over again which nurtures  your thoughts sacred, your heart expanded and your dreams alive.   Meditation helps you to create your sacred place.”

-Billie Topa Tate

What Is A Sacred Meditation Space:

It is a space you keep clean and you place simply items that represent your spiritual quest. It may contain something new or old items that you wish. It may contain the book you are reading. Diagrams, mandalas that you create. Create it with CARE and ATTENTION. It is a temple on which you can focus your good intentions. One of the best ways to activate meditation is to sit and focus on this sacred space and to remember LOVE, GOODNESS and PEACE.  Keep this place simply

Often people visiting our Healing Center come from a busy and hectic work and home environment.   Some take the train or drive once a week to help become part of this spiritual community.  Each time they enter the front door gate  – the smell of burning incense, beautiful zen garden and zen pathway , the smell of clean, balanced air,  sacred statue and symbols, altars, feng shui items, and harmonic tones.   All remind them they are entering a special place – a place devoted to the practice of meditation, wisdom and balance.    They often comment – feeling their breath deepening and they minds slowing to a balanced rejuvenating pace.  Many of our students soon find that their own physical environment surrounding them is so very important and begins them on their journey to create a sacred space at home or at the office.

Perhaps you’ve seen many other sacred meditation areas which have a peaceful fountain or waterfall, serene sitting area, zen mat, and bonsai tree.

Here are a 7 steps which will help you to start creating your own sacred space:

1. Choose comfortable clothing.  Use a set of clothing which is simple, comfortable and only used for meditation (if possible). Use a meditation scarf and mala beads when meditating.

2. Because the body temperature and blood pressure tend to drop during meditation, you may get chillier than usual.  Be sure to have a clean and comfortable blanket nearby.

3. Keep it away from work. If you work at home or have a desk devoted to personal business, keep it out of sight when meditating.  If possible, remember to shut off your phone.

4. Find a spot in your home that is good for meditation.   Sample the area and make sure your feel good meditating in this area.  The more often you sit there, the more you infuse your sacred area with your meditation energy.    Find a quiet space in your home which is off the beaten path of high traffic areas.

5. Fresh air, sun light and clean surroundings are important.  Avoid must basements and windowless closets;  these tend to lower your energy level.

6. Close to nature.  If you don’t have a tree or garden outside the window, you may want to have a plant or vase full of flowers, and a few river stones nearby.   Natural object radiate a certain special energy which helps us feel more whole and balanced.

7. Although an altar is not essential to meditate, it can be a creative and evolving expression of your inner life.  Candles, flowers, incense, natural objects, statues of inspirational figures, pictures of your teacher(s) and sacred text, can all be part of your meditation space.

It is important that you create a space that is conducive to meditation, and use of meditation tools.

First, you may attune yourself to the energy of your surroundings. Things that can interfere with that flow are television sets that interrupt the thought process, high traffic areas like a living room that the whole family uses, or a room that is physically unappealing (a musty basement, or stifling attic).

Some of the negative influences can be lessened by turning off the TV or using the space when most of the family is in bed or away.

Dose this space have a good natural source of light? Can you use candles and incense in this space? It would most likely upset your landlord if you where smudging with sage and set off the smoke alarm.   Fresh air is good for meditation. Comfortable clothes and simply surroundings are perfect for your sacred space.

Once you have made this selection it is important you consecrate the space. You should perform a ritual cleaning. The walls must be washed, the windows cleaned. When sweeping do it in a circular motion to bring the dirt and dust to the middle of the room. As you do this, chant,” this is consecrated to good, this is offered to (insert name of a virtuous deity).   If any Transform  ill will, any negativity”. The sweepings should be gathered and cast outside as apart of the ritual.  Remember to transform all energy to virtuous energy.

Creating Your Own Sacred Space

When you moved into your house or your apartment, you probably didn’t designate a special room for you to go for peace and tranquility. If you did, how fortunate you are, but if not, it’s time to fix that. Of course you could always add an extra room for that purpose, which could be quite expensive, or you could create a sacred space in one of your existing rooms now.

Sacred Meditation Space Size

Since most rooms have four corners, I recommend a corner. The space should be wide enough for a 2 X 4 table top to fit into ( in case you want to seal it off with plants on each side) but you can even get by with less space than that. Under a window is always nice to allow the natural sunlight to come in which is especially nice for early morning devotions. The table should be low enough so when you kneel you are at a comfortable eye level for reading and focusing on the objects on the table. A soft pillow for kneeling should be placed in front but able to slide under the table when not in use.

Items for your meditation table

When setting up the top of your meditation table, keep in mind that each item should have a purpose or symbolize something that is close to your heart. Candles are needed to shed natural light as well as enhance the mood for meditation and/or prayer. A picture or a statue that is special to you, some form of plant or flower, to symbolize nature, a tabletop water fountain is nice to add the tranquil sound of a brook or river stream, you may be into gemstones and crystals due to the healing vibration they release, burning incense is always good to arouse the senses. All of these things help to create a feeling of peace and tranquility. Once you have reached that state of mind, you are ready to pray, meditate or just enjoy this sacred space you have created for your own peace of mind.

Join us every Friday night at our Evanston Meditation Center for Free Community Meditation.

5 Energy Bodies

5 Energy Bodies and Your Meditation Practice

What Are The Energy Bodies?

The five-layer Energy Body system is the third way of describing the Human Energy Field.  Note that the physical body is counted as an energy body since all matter is ultimately made up of energy.  Also of importance is the fact that the higher subtle energy bodies overlap and interpenetrate the complete physical body.  In much the same way as many different TV signals exist around us in the same space simultaneously and can be individually identified by a specific frequency, the overlapping subtle energy bodies (which are also defined by different frequencies) also penetrate into the same space as our physical body.  So when an energy practitioner places his or her hands on the client, the healing energies are sent not only to the physical body but also to each higher energetic body.  Thus, with the proper healing frequencies channeled through the practitioner, healing can occur on not only the physical level but also in the etheric, emotional, mental and spiritual energy bodies of the client.

5 Energy Bodies:

1. The Physical Energy Body.

At first, it may seem unusual to consider that the physical body is an energy body, but that is exactly what it appears to be.  And as we explore and become more accustomed to this new paradigm, we are able not only to see the physical body in a greater, more meaningful context, but also we begin to understand the role of disease and the nature of healing.  The physical body is the densest form of energy that our consciousness uses to explore its environment and interact with others.  By the densest form, it is meant that the vibrational patterns of the physical body are of a frequency low enough to be seen by our eyes (they are within the spectrum of visible light), heard by our ears (about 30 to 15,000 Hertz), and experienced with the senses of touch, taste and smell which are within the “frequency capability” of our physical body.

But there are many octaves, frequencies, and vibrations beyond the capability of our physical senses. Beyond what we can see as visible light are the higher frequencies of ultraviolet, x-ray, and cosmic radiation.  We are beginning to understand that what we can physically sense is only a small portion of the vibrational energies around us.  And if we look at our physical bodies at our atoms, molecules, and cells, again we find patterns of vibrating energy that we have traditionally called “matter”.

We need to become aware that our physical body is really a field of vibrating energy that has coalesced from higher less dense octaves.  But we also need to remember that as vibrating fields interact with each other, one field can affect another field through the phenomenon of sympathetic vibration.  If a violin player produces a note an octave above Middle C, and a second violin lying nearby on a table has a string which is tuned to Middle C, the second violin string tuned to Middle C will sympathetically begin to vibrate as well.  So as we also begin to understand that there are several vibrational fields of energy around our physical body, it becomes easier to understand how one field affects another through this principle.  And this is the key to understanding how energy-based healing techniques can achieve such visible and profound results in the physical body.

2. The Etheric Energy Body.

The etheric body is the first energy body in frequency above the physical body.  It exists within the physical body and extends outward about an inch outside the skin of the physical body.  Its purpose is to form an energy template or matrix for the development, maintenance, and repair of the physical body.  The etheric body contains a vibrational energy counterpart for each organ, blood vessel and bone found in the physical body.  Indeed, the etheric body contains the energetic blueprint for the pathways that guide the location and development of every cell of the physical body.  Our physical bodies exist only because of the vital (etheric) field behind them.  This etheric field exists prior to, not a result of, the physical body.

Since the etheric body is the physical body’s blueprint, the two are very closely related.  The energetic vibrations of the etheric body determine the pattern for not only the physical tissues and organs but also the state of health of those tissues and organs.  If the vibrations are not clear and pure, this disharmony will be reflected in the physical body as a disharmonious function — what we call “disease”.

Conversely, traumas to the physical body (e.g., broken bones, burns, incisions, and scars) will in time be reflected into the etheric body unless there is some interceding process that either prevents this reflection into the etheric body or which restores the original vibrational pattern which existed prior to the trauma.  The ability to work with a client’s vibrating energy fields is precisely what forms the basis for rapid and effective energy-based physical healings.

An illness can appear in the energy field weeks and even months before it appears in the physical body.  In his book, Vibrational Medicine, Dr. Richard Gerber, a Detroit physician, notes that “The etheric body is a holographic energy template that guides the growth and development of the physical body.”

The following description of the etheric and higher subtle energy bodies surrounding the physical body are taken from Barbara Brennan’s book, Hands of Light.  To her, the etheric body appears as a grid of tiny energy lines which has the overall structure and shape of the physical body.  This matrix extends from 1/4″ to 2 inches beyond the physical body.  It is upon this etheric grid or matrix that the cells and tissues of the body develop and are anchored.  The etheric body appears as a light blue or gray matrix of lines of light that constantly pulsate or scintillate at a rate of from 15-20 cycles per minute.

5 Energy Bodies3. The Emotional Energy Body.

The emotional body contains the emotional patterns, feelings, and vibrations that determine our personality, and also how we feel about ourselves and interact with others.  If we are constantly angry, always feel helpless, or are consistently fearful, these patterns or vibrations get locked in our emotional energy field and become a part of our personality.  This determines to a very large degree how we interact with others on personal, social, and cultural levels.

The emotional body generally follows the shape of the physical and etheric bodies, but is somewhat more amorphous and fluid, and extends from one to about three inches outside the physical body.  It contains energy “blobs” of all colors of the rainbow, depending on the specific feeling or emotion.  Highly charged feelings such as love, hate, joy, and anger are associated with energy blobs that are bright and clear, while confused feelings are darker and muddier.

4. The Mental Energy Body.

The mental body contains the structure and patterns of all the thoughts and belief systems that we consider as true.  And there is a very strong connection between the mental and emotional bodies.  Although a thought or idea can in itself be very powerful, our reactions to those thoughts carry even more energy, and different people will react differently to the same thought.

For example, consider the thought form “If you are not a Catholic (or Protestant, or Muslim, or Jewish, or whatever), you can not go to Heaven.”  One person might hear that thought or idea, think it was silly, and give it absolutely no energy.  But another person might become very passionate, depending on his greater belief systems, and argue strongly either for or against the truth of that statement.  His emotional body would then record the intensity of the reaction to the thought stored in the mental body.  However, the person who thought the statement was silly in the first place would not have any resonance with it, and no energetic pattern would be stored in either the mental or emotional bodies.

The mental body usually appears as yellow light radiating around the entire body from head to toe and extends from three to eight inches beyond the physical body. Within this area, individual thought forms appear as small blobs of light of varying form and intensity.

5. The Spiritual Energy Body.

The spiritual body (i.e., all vibrational patterns in octaves higher than the mental body) contains all the information related to our experiences and reflects our gestalt consciousness of all that has been learned and experienced.  It contains our higher intentions, our sense of what is right and wrong (“conscience”), and our desires to increase our awareness of our purpose, place, and mission for this lifetime.

These five energy bodies make up one’s Human Energy Field or aura.  Its outer shape appears roughly egg-shaped and extends out to perhaps 1½ to two feet beyond the physical body; however, this shape can be extended even further out or contracted closer to the physical body depending on the situation the person is experiencing.  For example, when a person is feeling emotions of unconditional love, the aura may expand to several feet and radiate bright hues of gold or white.  But if the same person is feeling threatened physically or emotionally, the entire aura may collapse to a much denser pattern within only a few inches of the body.